Lunch at Delicious Country

I’ve been to Delicious Country many times for lunch and dinner and have never been disappointed.  Although I don’t prefer to eat spicy food, there are many other options that are non-spicy, and apparently you can ask them to make a dish more or less spicy to your liking. The friend I was meeting for lunch with today has never been here before, so I introduced her to a couple of dishes that I’ve had before, and tried a new one.

Here’s what we ordered today:

House special hand kneaded noodle – $11.98

I’ve had this noodle dish before and really enjoyed the large, flat pieces of noodles.  It’s not hor fun.  I would say it’s closer to a hand-pulled noodle but way thicker of course.  It also has a chewy texture.  Pan-fried with an assortment of cabbage, egg, carrots, wood fungus and meats.  The sauce itself had a bit of a kick to it – there was one pepper next to it on the menu indicating that it’s mildly spicy.

Spicy cold chicken aka “Saliva chicken” – $10.98

No, it was not made with anyone’s saliva (methinks).

This dish had two peppers indicating its spicy level on the menu (three is the spiciest).  We asked our server to tone down the spiciness and we’re not sure if they did, as it was still quite spicy, but manageable.  The spicy sauce also had a nutty element to it…  tahini perhaps? The chicken itself didn’t have a lot of meat on it but there was quite a few pieces.

Potstickers – $7.98

The bottom of these were nicely pan-fried, but the entire potsticker itself was a bit mushy.  It was accompanied by the pink vinegar for dipping, and good thing that was offered because the potstickers themselves were a bit tasteless.  The skin wasn’t too thick – there was a good amount of filling inside.

We were stuffed full and managed to finish all three dishes! Service was pretty food from the female server.  Even though one of the dishes were disappointing, I would still consider this a good place for lunch.

Here are more food pictures of this restaurant from previous visits:

Jia Jiang Noodle

Shanghai Noodle

Delicious Country on Urbanspoon

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