Dinner at Momo Sushi

Tonight my friend J had asked me to go shopping at Chinook, and our original intention was to grab dinner at Globefish.  Upon entering the restaurant we saw that there was at least four other couples waiting for a table, and the restaurant was very busy.  I noticed Momo Sushi across the street and suggested we give them a try instead.  As we walked in we noticed the restaurant was quite empty for a Friday night (there were only two tables occupied).   We were quite hungry so we ordered a large variety of food (and managed to polish everything off!).

Here’s what we ordered today:

Momo - salmon sashimi

Salmon sashimi – $13.95

This was J’s order and I tried a piece.  Fresh tasting, albeit sliced a bit thin.  She really liked this, but then, salmon sashimi seems to be the only thing she ever orders.

Momo - toro sashimi

Toro sashimi – $16.95

This was my order and I was quite disappointed.  The toro was not fatty and melt in your mouth creamy.  If anything, the texture was a bit gritty.  I felt the slices were also quite small.

Momo - chopped scallop, scallop nigiri

Nigiri: chopped scallop and scallop – $2.95/$2.25

This was also my order.  The scallop nigiri tasted fresh, and it was  succulent.  The chopped scallop however… was not chopped scallop.  It was those mini scallops that I’m honestly not a fan of.  This tasted alright but for the price I felt that it should’ve been the big scallop.

Momo - miso soup

Soup (included with dinner box)

Very standard tasting miso soup.

Momo - dinner box

Dinner box – $18.95

A large variety of food.  I figured this was the most economical way to taste a bit of everything without breaking my piggy bank.  The tempura was lightly battered and fried to a crisp – it was a tad oily but nothing too overboard.  I enjoyed the dressing on the green salad – it was some kind of vinaigrette with a grated white substance and it was very refreshing! The nigiri, maki and sashimi was very standard – not quite sure why the sashimi are squared shaped.  The teriyaki chicken had good texture; the meat was not dried but I did not enjoy the teriyaki sauce that topped it.  It was very sweet for me.  If I were to ever get the dinner box again, I would opt out of the sauce.

Momo - dragon roll

Dragon roll – $16.95

This was the specialty roll that J ordered (she had wanted something else but it was not available).  Very standard dragon roll with just enough filling.  I felt the price was a bit high for this roll since there wasn’t really any expensive ingredients in it per se.

Momo - gyoza

Gyoza – $5.95

J added an order of gyoza’s at the end and I had a couple of pieces.  When it was brought out I thought it was deep fried, but they weren’t – just very… charred? Maybe that’s not the right word.  The skin was not super crispy like it was deep fried but it’s not soft either.  Gyozas are usually just pan fried at the bottom but these ones were fried on all sides.

I have to say while some of the food was good, others were only ok to a bit of a disappointment.  I don’t think I like the food enough to like this restaurant for now.  However, I do have to commend the very attentive service and the smiling servers.  Also, you know how some restaurants make it a sin to split your bill? Our server automatically split our bill for us and we were very happy with this gesture.  I wouldn’t mind returning to try out their lunch bentos at a later time but given that I’m hardly ever in the South, it may be a while before I come back!

Momo Sushi on Urbanspoon

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