Brunch at Redheads Bagel Cafe

A Dealfind voucher brought me here.  To be honest, I didn’t even know this cafe existed.  I only bought the voucher b/c it was a great deal for me (I paid $2 for this $20 voucher after credits here and there) and figured I could use it for breakfast one day.  I decided to bring my brother here b/c hubby is out of town working… again.  Thankfully, there were tons of parking spots available around.  As we walked in we found ourselves in a very cozy cafe.  You order and pay for your food and then it is brought to your table when it’s ready.

Here’s what we ordered today:

Redhead - egg salad sandwich

Egg Salad Sandwich – $6.50

I heard one of the cooks chopping up the eggs as we waited for our order.  This was a very standard egg salad sandwich but the menu said they use kewpie mayo as opposed to what other places use.  My toddler enjoyed this and I had a taste of it.  I honestly didn’t think it tasted like kewpie mayo, but it wasn’t miracle whip either.  I did enjoy the coleslaw that came with it – the dressing was vinegary as opposed to drench in mayo.  I do find this sandwich quite expensive for what it is.

Redhead - smoked salmon breakfast

Smoked Salmon Breakfast – $8.95

Two slices of light rye toast (with choice of bread) covered with plain cream cheese and smoked salmon.  Topped with two microwaved poached egg.  I would’ve been a lot happier if the eggs were poached the real way, or maybe omitted altogether and be charged less.  Nevertheless, the smoked salmon was tasty and it was one good open face sandwich (minus the eggs).

Redhead - cheese bagel w garlic dill cream cheese

Cheese Bagel w/garlic dill cream cheese – $2.85

I was a tad annoyed by this.  Normal bagels with cheese are $2.00.  However, cheese bagel is an extra $0.35.  Garlic dill cream cheese is another extra $0.50.  Whyyyyy? My brother did say it was a tasty bagel but I’m not too fond of all these extra add-ons.  Honestly, if I were to buy bagels and cream cheese at a store all the flavors cost the same price…!

I liked the fact that the friendly Japanese servers/cooks were a pleasant to deal with (and super polite) and that everything is freshly made.  Prices are a bit high for me (good thing I had the voucher) but I normally don’t eat at cafes so I have nothing to compare to.  As this cafe is completely out of my way I doubt I will really come back unless I’m in the area.

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