Dinner at Shibuya Izakaya

I’ve been dining at Shibuya since they opened years ago.  I find the food really tasty and fresh, prices are reasonable and I’ve always gotten good service every time I went (despite some of the reviews on Urbanspoon that says otherwise).  My favorite dish there had to be the miso black cod.  However, I do find their sushi (nigiri) a bit average but enjoy their rolls, and their izakaya items are generally pretty good! The one thing I don’t like is the location and the small parking lot, but I guess that isn’t enough to defer me from dining here (for now)!

Here’s what we ordered tonight:

Please excuse the poor quality of my pictures as the restaurant did not have good lighting inside.

Miso soup and salad (part of my teriyaki beef dinner set)

Your standard miso soup with a side spring mix salad topped with vinaigrette.  To be honest I haven’t had a miso soup that I would consider awesome.  I know it’s something I would never order by itself! The salad is good – I prefer vinegar based over cream based dressing anyway.

Salmon Sashimi (7 pcs) – $11.95

Seven pieces of fresh Atlantic salmon sashimi.  I personally prefer sockeye more but this was my mom’s order and she really enjoyed it.  I had a piece and it was a good size – also quite fatty.  We also appreciate the fact that they’re not served frozen!

Unagi Melody Roll – $14.95

This was the roll I ate the most when I was pregnant.  I’ve always loved unagi and avocado and together they just take you to another whole level of creaminess. Wa’s, one of my other favorite Japanese restaurants have something similar to this but it’s quite expensive at $23.  With pretty much the same ingredients, I prefer the one here at Shibuya more.

Negi-hamachi; Negi-sockeye salmon Roll (both $4.50 each)

Standard makis with fresh fish and chopped green onions.  Good size to just pop the entire piece into your mouth!

Oyster Motoyaki – $9.95

Three baked small oyster, one slice per shell topped with a ton of mayonnaise based sauce.  I felt that there was not enough oyster and way too much of the mayo.

Tonkatsu Ramen – $10.95

Standard packaged ramen noodles with a good tonkatsu soup base.  Noodles were cooked perfectly.  My mom really enjoyed this.

Tonkatsu Dinner Set – $13.95

Lightly fried pork chop that was not dry.  Meat was tender and juicy and went well with the sauce.

Teriyaki Beef Dinner Set – $12.95

I found the beef slices a bit dry, but the teriyaki sauce was just right without being too thick or sweet.

I’m happy that this restaurant is still in business after a few years – it means they must be doing something right! I need to come back during Monday-Wednesday (I think) and enjoy their raw oysters for $1.25!

Shibuya Izakaya on Urbanspoon


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