Lunch at Thai Bistro (Chinatown)

I’m going to say that starting this blog was a bad idea.  Why? Because I just realized how much I eat out… and it’s all recorded now! There was a couple of weeks where I ate in every day and did well.  But then, I want to see my friends once in a while and we always meet over food! Well… I’m not going to stop seeing my friends so I guess I have to jump on my treadclimber tonight.

Anyways, I was meeting my friend D for lunch today and I had wanted Chinese, but she was craving for salad rolls, yet I didn’t want Vietnamese.  Then I remember that Thai Bistro has salad rolls plus I haven’t been had Pad Thai for a while, so we decided here.  I’ve been to Thai Bistro a few times before and really enjoyed the food there, even if their Pad Thai is not made the traditional way.  I can’t handle spicy food anyway 😦

Here’s what we ordered today:

Shrimp Spring Roll (2 pieces) – $2.95

This was D’s order (we noticed they don’t have salad rolls at lunch).  Crispy spring rolls with real shrimp inside.  I had half a piece and really enjoyed it.  I’ve had it before and liked the fact that it’s not greasy.

Fish Cake (2 pieces) – $4.50

This was my order and very different than what I remember it to be.  I remember it being half the size but twice the thickness before… I thought they were burger patties when it was brought to the table! It does not taste fishy, but it is quite oily.  The fact that they’re quite thin and spongy makes it feel like you’re biting into an oil soaked patty.  I have to say I prefer the previous version.

Pad Thai w/vegetables and tofu – $8.45

I decided to skip the meat today on my Pad Thai.  I feel the portion has decreased a bit but I was still pretty full after this.  I know it’s not the traditional way but I do enjoy the ketchup based sauce.  I also found this dish a tad oily.  I liked the vegetables on here and they were crunchy (not overcooked) but I wished there was a bit more.  Tofu pretty decent; again, I wish there was more.

Fried Rice (Khao Pad) w/vegetables and tofu – $8.45

D wanted something with pineapple in it so this fried rice was perfect for her.  I tried a couple of scoops and was very surprised by the mild curry flavor in it.  D said she liked this and had trouble finishing all her veggies 🙂 but there was quite a bit on her plate.

Service was very good.   Water was filled on a regular basis without us asking and the servers were very polite.  Prices are pretty good and the food is tasty.  Definitely one of my top choices for lunch in downtown.

Thai Bistro on Urbanspoon

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