Lunch at Inti Restaurant

I’ve been telling my brother about this fabulous pork belly sandwich that I had at Inti a couple months ago, and since he’s into pork belly as well, we decided to give Inti a visit for lunch.  I also learned about the Chasqui Burger, with the description as per their menu:

A huge burger! A fried egg, melted mozzarella cheese and crispy angel hair potatoes all piled on top of a 6oz patty.  Served with olive mayo, lettuce, tomato, and onions on a toasted onion bun.  Comes with choice of side.

If that didn’t get your taste buds excited… I know ours did! So we decided to order that and the Pan Con Chicharron to share, and requested for the kitchen to cut the sandwiches in half so we didn’t have to make a mess for ourselves.

Upon being seated, our friendly server Roxana brought over utensils and a little ramekin of cancha, roasted corn snack.  My brother thought it was the strangest thing but I really like it.

Inti - cancha

My brother was also wondering about the caveman drawing of a giant spider on one of their walls…

Inti - Interior

To which he concluded… maybe they serve spiders here.  Um no thanks.  You can pay me all the money in the world and I will not eat spiders, no matter how it’s cooked.  But back to the painting, I’m sure it’s just simply that… a painting.

So here are pictures of our delicious lunch:

Inti - Chasqui Burger

Chasqui Burger – $10.90

This thing was really massive! Roxana described it to be Peruvian style burger.  Honestly, the egg on burger part sold me, and first bite into it… delicious.  I mean check this out:

Inti - Chasqui Burger 2

It doesn’t look thick, but the burger itself is quite large itself.  The patty was moist, juicy and seasoned well.  I honestly couldn’t taste the olive mayo (not a fan of olives) and this was one of the best burgers I’ve ever tasted at a sit-down restaurant.  It was also accompanied by a mountain of fries.

Inti - Pan Con Chicharrón

Pan Con Chicharron – $9.90

The famous pork belly sandwich… with a good serving of pork belly.  I was quite full after eating half of the Chasqui Burger and honestly, I was so spoiled by the flavors there that I don’t think I was able to fully enjoy the sandwich this time.  It was really good, don’t get me wrong! My taste buds were definitely doing a little Peruvian dance.  I just noticed this time that the avocado mayo had a kick to it, and it was welcoming.  I thought the sweet potato slices were a bit thin this time so I didn’t taste very much of it.  Regardless though, it was one solid sandwich and I couldn’t finish the yucca frites.  I packed it for my toddler to enjoy, but I just realized that I forgot to put it into the fridge yesterday… ah shucks.

My brother and I were stuffed full.  Roxana came over and offered us dessert… to which we politely refused.  I don’t know how anyone can have room for dessert after all that food! Also, the prices are fairly inexpensive and service was just top notch.  I learned they have a kid’s menu and I wouldn’t mind bringing my toddler next time.  They also have a current promotion going on right now that you can get their $25 or $50 gift certificates for 20% off! I of course couldn’t resist and bought one for future use.  Next time though, I must try their Rotisserie chicken.

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2 thoughts on “Lunch at Inti Restaurant

  1. I am glad you like Peruvian food! Maybe you will be interested I knowing a bit of Peruvian culture too: the image of the large spider on the wall is from a world famous site in peru called ” the nazca lines”. These are huge drawings made in the desert, that ancient Peruvians draw, nobody know why and how , since the only way to see the whole figure is if u take a plane, since there are no mountains close by to look either. Some say they were done by aliens!!! And no, we do not eat spiders…….

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