Snack at Big Catch

After leaving the disappointing “sample sale” at Days Inn on Macleod Trail, my brother and I decided to visit Kingsland Farmers Market and see what’s new.  I have to say I love the selection of produce and meats at pretty reasonable prices there! My dining choices may not always be the healthiest, but when I shop I prefer organic or pesticide/hormone free foods as much I can, and as much as my grocery budget will allow.  After scoring some grass fed beef, free range pork, fresh veggies etc., we walked by Big Catch and I remember it to be on my wishlist.  I’ve browsed their menu previously and while the selection is very limited (being in a small booth at a farmer’s market), I was anxious to try their sashimi at very reasonable prices.  Being the glutton I am, and I was still stuffed from my lunch at Inti… I just couldn’t leave without trying this:

Big Catch - Sashimi

Toro and wild salmon sashimi, 5 pcs per order – $7.50 each

If I didn’t tell you, I don’t think you would’ve guessed this beautiful array of sashimi was from a small stand inside a farmer’s market.  The attention to  detail of plating the sashimi was amazing and mesmerizing.  Look at the wasabi blob and the little radish ornament! They really took their time to plate this all the while I was wondering why 10 pieces of sashimi is taking more than 5 minutes to serve.  Visually, this was just… beautiful.  Taste… this was some of the best sashimi I’ve had in Calgary.  No lie.  The sashimi was freshly cut to order, had just the right amount of thickness, and each slice was fresh, sweet and creamy.   The toro was melt in your mouth creamy, and the wild salmon was sweet and juicy.  I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this plate.  I was prepared to order another plate but thought… no.  I’ll just come back the next time I’m not stuffed so I can enjoy more items.

Service, while only limited to order taking, was pleasant.  The cashier was happily making conversation with us – not just the standard hello, how are you greeting.  When I was done with my plate, we handed it back to one of the staff and he actually asked how everything was.  With this kind of service, level of quality in their sashimi and the excellent pricing, I definitely will be back!

We also enjoyed a smoothie at another Vendor – Lund’s Organic Farms:

Orange Crush (32 oz) – $7.50

I can’t remember what the description was… sorbetto with… I give up.  It was a refreshing drink and tasted great!

Big Catch on Urbanspoon

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