Dinner at Papa Shunde Chinese Restaurant

I’m going to say that my family is also a culprit of my constant eating out.  Once in a while Mama Peaches would say, let’s go out to eat b/c I’m too lazy to cook.  Even though I rarely eat dinner at her house, when you get an invitation like that… all resistance go out the door.  So Mama Peaches only likes Chinese or Vietnamese food, whereas me… it’s always Japanese.  However, since she is paying… she gets to choose the cuisine, except for the restaurant.  We seriously didn’t want to go to Snow Palace b/c we venture there quite often.  What’s nearby? We drove to The Pavilion Restaurant, which has now been replaced by Papa Shunde.

As we entered, it was quite busy, and it’s a very small restaurant.  We had to wait about 15 minutes before the staff could organize everything and a table had finally cleared up.  We decided on three items to share.  Here’s what we ordered tonight:

Papa Shunde Combination Cold Plate (S) – $18.95

Consist of marinated jellyfish, marinated surf clam on top of daikon, pan-fried stuffed lotus cake, marinated pork stomach and a jerky like  fish.  Our favorite was the lotus cake – nicely pan fried with fish meat and small cubes of lotus root throughout that provided a great crunch.  The surf clam was also marinated nicely and the texture was not chewy at all.  I found the jellyfish a bit soft – probably cooked for too long.  The  fish was interesting – it was sweet but the texture was almost jerky like.  Pork stomach was my least favorite – they were actually served warm and I can’t even remember what flavor they presented.  The next time I eat here I would definitely get the lotus cakes again.

House Special Sauteed Green Beans – $11.95

Crispy green beans fried with dace in black bean sauce.  I thought this was an interesting combination and I haven’t had dace for so long! I definitely liked this.  My mom found this a bit salty probably because of the dace.

Sauteed Onion Pork Chops on Hot Plate – $11.95

I honestly didn’t know this was going to be sweet and sour based, but I didn’t mind it.  There was a good amount of pork chops on there and they were fried nicely, meat was juicy and tasted great! I liked how the meat wasn’t overly battered like you would find with sweet and sour pork.

Complimentary dessert

Yes… it’s not red bean dessert soup! I don’t know what this one is called, but it’s made with chunks of pumpkin and I love pumpkin in my dessert! I liked this so much that I asked the server for another bowl and he happily obliged.

Between me, my mom and my toddler, we polished only about half of the dishes (thank God).  Service was pretty attentive throughout our entire dinner.  Prices are not too bad, and I thought the food tasted pretty good.  I definitely will be back to try some of their other offerings.

Papa Shunde Chinese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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