Lunch at Chong Fat

Yet another lunch date with my friend C.  I haven’t seen her for a long time and yes, that’s my excuse for eating out.  Next week I’ll be a hermit and won’t meet anyone for lunch.  I think my belly will thank me for that! So our original plan was to eat at Calgary Court but we really underestimated the lunch crowd.  Next door to Great Taste… no tables available.  C really wanted noodle soup so we checked out Pho Hoai and there was an even bigger crowd, with tables outside of the restaurant.  We were able to get a seat as soon as someone left, but the servers are so disorganized and when we tried to order, we couldn’t.  Fed up with that kind of service and gawking at the high prices ($7.95 for a S anyone? I mean a really small bowl)… we decided to come here where we were seated fairly quickly, thanks to a lady who gave us her table and went to share with another group.

I haven’t been back here in years and only know they have fish ball noodle soup and the likes. They actually have a vast selection of dishes including fried rice/noodle, marinated duck, bbq meats etc.! Since we were in a bit of a time crunch, we ordered very quickly.

Here’s what we ordered today:

Fish balls and pork balls flat rice noodle (hor fun) soup (L) – $7.55

One word of warning – do not order the large unless you are really hungry.  There was so much noodles in here that I packed half of it to go home.  The soup was flavored well – it didn’t taste like there was a ton of MSG in there (or if any).  The noodles were smooth and slippery and not overcooked, so it was easy to pick up with chopsticks.  The fish balls had the right amount of firmness and had a good bite.  Pork balls had good flavor and was very meaty.  There were maybe four lettuce leaves at the bottom – I definitely could use more vegetables instead of noodles.

Small bowl of plain flat rice noodle (hor fun) soup with a plate of assorted stuffed vegetables – $9.95

This was C’s order.  The assorted stuffed vegetables were green peppers, eggplant and tofu pocket, and the meat should be pork or shrimp paste.   Yes I realize that tofu pockets are not exactly a vegetable, but I only made up the English name based on the Chinese name! I did not try this but C said it was really good.  She also said the hor fun was good – comparable to Hong Kong.

Side order of Chinese broccoli (gai lan)- $5.50

Oops, blurry pic.  A small plate of gai lan with a garlic soy sauce drizzled over it.  The gai lan was cooked well – still had its crunch.  I wish this was a bigger portion.

One of the servers noticed I was taking pictures and said to me, make sure you post them on the internet so we can get free advertising! Lol.  Service was pretty good – the one that made the above comment was friendly – the other lady barely talked but she provided adequate service.  Tea was filled without us asking.  I would say the food was pretty good and reasonably priced.  Do note that they only accept cash!

Chong Fat on Urbanspoon


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