Lunch at Great Taste Restaurant

Another lunch with my family.  This is definitely becoming a weekly routine.  It turns out that I had to run back to work for an hour and since I work in downtown, we may as well grab lunch there.  I of course was still craving for sushi, but my mom and brother said no… they want Chinese.  Since there’s no good sushi restaurants in Chinatown I agreed to Chinese.  My brother has never been to Great Taste before so I thought it was time that he tried them out.

Here’s what we ordered today:

GT - chicken starch sheets

Shredded chicken and green bean starch sheets with sesame sauce – $6.95

I don’t know what it is about this dish, but I love it.  I always want to order this if it’s on the menu.  The starch sheets don’t taste like anything in particular so it’s all dependent on the sauce that it’s mixed with and this was a great sesame sauce as well.  I remember the first time I ordered this there was quite a bit of chicken, but this time there wasn’t much.

GT - beef tendon

Spicy Beef Tendon – $8.95

I know I had said that I don’t like spicy food, but my mom and brother don’t mind it, so once in a while we do order spicy dishes.  This plate of tendon and brisket was not too spicy so I was able to eat it.  The tendon was at the right texture – not too hard and not overly soft.  The brisket was delicious and we wish there were more pieces of those!

GT - chefs ramen

Chef’s Special Stir Fried Ramen – $11.95

This is not Japanese ramen – rather, the Chinese type.  There was a good amount of meat and seafood on here and the sauce tasted just like a basic oyster sauce.  We really enjoyed this and it was different than the normal fried hor fun or fried rice that we seem to always order!


Steamed Crab Dumplings (6) – $6.75

I’m gonna have to say that they have decent pork soup dumplings here.  Despite what the menu description is, these are pork dumplings (xiao long bao) with added crab.  These had thin skin, a good amount of soup inside (could use more) and tasted great.  The vinegar was not needed.

GT - potstickers

Potstickers (6) – $5.95

Yup you guessed it – my brother’s must have order.  These were a good size and I liked the fact that the skin was not overly thick.  There was a lot of meat filling inside and it was seasoned nicely.  The bottom was pan fried nicely.  Vinegar was also not required.

GT - pheonix talon

Spicy Chicken Feet – $5.95

Holy crap were these spicy! I ordered these for my mom and she said they were way too spicy for her liking.  These were more mala than just simply hot sauce spicy so it really numbed your mouth.  I had to brace myself and finish up whatever my mom couldn’t finish… my stomach didn’t feel too good for the rest of the day.  I think if you like mala you will really enjoy this!

I really do enjoy the food here and I’m glad they offer a bit of Shanghai, Szechuan, Chinese… etc.  Service was decent, and prices are alright.  And oh, to stop everyone from eating out tonight, I decided to make dinner:

Pan-fried basa fillets with lemon, garlic and parsley white wine sauce

My brother, the cooked fish hater, said he enjoyed this.  I paired it with spring mixed salad and called it a light dinner! The black bits are parsley and garlic.  My toddler liked it too!

Here are more food pictures of this restaurant from previous visits:

[to be uploaded]

Great Taste Chinese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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