Dinner at Koto Sushi Lounge

After 22 days of not seeing hubby… he’s finally back and hopefully that was his last long shift ever! I told him how I finally started a food blog and he says why, you only ever eat sushi anyway! Not entirely true >.< But yes, Koto.  We’re here again.  After a satisfactory dinner with our Kijiji voucher last time, I jumped at the chance to buy more vouchers when Dealfind offered it some time ago.  I have gone back for lunch without the voucher and noticed they don’t skimp out on your portions at all just because you have a voucher, and for that they will continue to get my business.   That, I do like their food and have a few favorites! Their service was also really good during all of my visits, and that is always a welcoming thing.

Here’s what we ordered tonight:

Crispy Green Salad – $6.00

I always like to start off with a salad here.  It’s quite the generous portion, with a thousand island like dressing and topped with slivers of deep fried potato.  Most yummy way to get your veggies in!

Hamachi Carpaccio – $13.00

Seven pieces of seared Hamachi sashimi, basked in a light, sweet soy dressing.  This is one of my favorites here at Koto and I order it pretty much every time.  The Hamachi has the right thickness and has a tender texture after the searing.

Nigiri: Amaebi – $3.15/pc; Creamy Scallop – $2.60/pc

Fresh B.C. spot prawn with a deep fried head! How awesome is that? I know it’s not for everyone to eat the head (such as hubby) but I love the crunchiness of it.  The sashimi part had a sweetness to it but I didn’t think it went well with the rice.  I think next time I will just get the sashimi instead of the nigiri.  The creamy scallop here is pretty standard but it’s hubby’s favorite gunkan-style nigiri.  You get a generous portion of the creamy scallop filling.

Maki: Seared Tuna – $12.50; Spider – $15.00

The Seared Tuna roll here is also one of my favorites.  It’s essentially a California roll topped with seared tuna, with a sweet sauce drizzled over it.  Tuna is one of my favorite sashimi so I’m naturally drawn to it.  The Spider roll was massive! Stuffed with a lot of deep fried soft shell crab, imitation crab and avocado inside, topped with tobiko and drizzled with a sweet, lovely mango aioli.  We knew we wouldn’t finish these as soon as our waitress set the plate down.  We thought both rolls were excellent, with one exception.  The rolls kept falling apart as soon as we picked it up with our chopsticks.  The rice broke apart really easily so transferring it onto our plate became kind of messy.

Teriyaki Grilled Salmon – $18.00

This was hubby’s hot food order.  We were not expecting two big pieces of salmon, so it was too much for hubby and he only ate one.  They were grilled very nicely with no sign of being overcooked.  The teriyaki sauce was not overly sweet as it was very light.

Once again we were quite happy with our dinner tonight.  Service as always was excellent.  I didn’t find the prices that high to be honest, especially with the generous portions they give you.  I will continue to be a returning customer, with or without the voucher, and I would love to see more new items being introduced in the future for sure!

Here are more food pictures of this restaurant from previous visits:

Chicken Teriyaki

Dragon Roll

Sushi & Sashimi Combo (with a piece of California roll missing)

Baked Oysters


Chicken Karaage

Salmon Maki

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