Quick breakfast at Olly Frescos (Bow Valley Square)

Someone (I don’t actually know who does it) forgot to turn on the dishwasher at work last night.  As a result, there was not a single clean bowl or spoon in the cupboard.  Not wanting to prompt an interoffice memo about me stealing bowls from another kitchen… I went out to buy breakfast as I couldn’t prepare my oatmeal.  Since I don’t like sandwiches from fast food places, I went over to Olly Frescos at BVS for their hot breakfast buffet.  Like usual, there were a ton of people buying food.  There was a selection of scrambled eggs, ham, sausage links, waffles, french toast… etc., but I was not overly hungry and decided to get a couple of eggs benedict.

Classic Eggs Benedict – pay by the weight – $1.59/100g = $4.25

One of the yolks broke as I was walking back to my office… oh well.  Less cholesterol consumed! I’ve had these before and thought they were great, but today the hollandaise sauce tasted a bit off to me, and it was strangely watery.  It didn’t help that the entire thing was not even hot… barely lukewarm.  I have to say, compared to my previous visit, it also looks quite sloppy.  See picture below for comparison.  I do like how the eggs were softly poached, but for someone who may prefer their eggs more cooked, they will not like this.

I’ve bought lunch from their lunch buffet before (same price, $1.59/100g) and enjoy the different selection that is prepared daily.  The bad thing with these buffets is that you will never how much you spent until you get to the scale… and it’s so easy to go overboard!

Classic Eggs Benedict with Maple Ham, from previous visit.

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