Dinner at Brasserie Kensington

My friends R and J recently went to Quebec.  They sent me a picture of a foie gras poutine that they had at Au Pied de Cochon and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous.  Although poutine doesn’t have a spot in my heart, I love foie gras and who wouldn’t mind some good ol’ fries and gravy? Having recently learned that Brasserie has one, I decided to pay them a visit.  Also, as hubby won’t be around next week to celebrate my Birthday with me, we made this my early Birthday dinner.  I made a 5:00pm reservation on OpenTable as nothing was available between 5-8.  However, the restaurant wasn’t even half full by the time we left at 6:45pm so I wonder why they blocked off those times online.

Here’s a picture of the interior.  As you can see it’s not a very big place.

Servers were very friendly but food took a while to come out, despite the fact that we were the only table at the time. I suppose good food deserves the wait, right?

Here’s what we ordered tonight:

BK - foie gras poutine

Foie Gras Poutine – $18.00

The reason why I came here.  Honestly, I don’t understand why the foie gras is not crumbled up into the poutine or something, or even incorporated into the gravy somehow.  You can have the foie gras served this way – seared, or sliced – and it was so fatty and delicious.  Either way they’re both laid on top.  The poutine was done very nicely.  The duck gravy was seasoned well, not the least bit oversalted, and had great flavors.  The fries are fried in duck fat and they taste just that much better than being fried in ordinary oil, and they were not greasy.  I’m not sure what type of cheese they used – there was a generous amount of it throughout the poutine and they were all melted from the heat of the gravy.

BK - escargot

Daily feature: Escargot, grilled Brussels sprouts and bacon lardon in white wine cream sauce with grilled ciabatta for dipping – $16.00

This was a neat dish.  The chunks of escargot meat were plump and tender.  The Brussels sprouts were cooked just right.  If all parents made them this way then no kids would hate eating them! Lol.  The bacon lardon were salty enough just to provide a bit of sodium for the mild tasting white wine cream sauce.

BK - pork belly slider

Pork Belly Sliders with Side Salad – $16.75

I had wanted to try the hangar steak, but knowing that I will be very stuffed after the poutine, I figured I should pick a lighter choice.  The pork belly was crispy, flavorful with just a small amount of fat on them.  The mini brioche buns were soft, but held all the ingredients well as I bit into my sliders.  I would definitely recommend this if you love pork belly.

BK - seafood bouillabaise

Seafood Bouillabaisse – $27.00

This was hubby’s order.  He wanted to try what saffron is and he picked the right dish.  The broth had a mild spice to it and worked well with the seafood.  I even dip some of my brioche bun into the broth because it was that delicious.  I tried the deep fried pieces of calamari and they were so good! Fresh and sweet tasting, these were much better than any version of calamari I’ve ever had.  I was super jealous that I didn’t order this myself.

BK - creme brulee

Framboise Creme Brulee – $8.00

I was really stuffed after all that food but I couldn’t leave without dessert, so hubby and I decided to share one.  Creme brulee is hubby’s favorite dessert.  This one had very strong flavors of raspberry and it was done very well.  We also liked the little bits of fruits and popcorn and they were some tasty decorations! The sugar crust was also a good thickness.

I would say we had a delicious meal tonight.  Prices weren’t too bad and their menu gets changed quite frequently.  I would definitely come back again to try their other offerings.  After dinner we took a little stroll around Kensington and we finally went to check out the Peace Bridge.

Worth the $25 million price tag?

Overlooking a beautiful sunset on the bridge

Once the sky was a tad darker the bridge lit up! Nice feature.

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