Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to everyone that celebrated it! If you didn’t already know, we Chinese celebrate these special days with a TON of food… and I usually get a bit scared because eating can get out of control.  Luckily I have been practicing portion control and focused on more veggies rather than rice this year.  I didn’t try all the dishes as I was sitting at the end of our dining table and was too busy feeding my toddler.

Here’s what my family cooked up:

Chicken is a must, and it must be a whole one with the head and all.

Abalone on “choy sum”.

Vegetarian dish – my staple for the night! I love the oyster mushrooms, baby corn, gluten nuggets, wood ear and tofu.

Fish, and again, it must be a whole.

Lotus Root with Pig Tongue.  I can never eat lotus root this way… only if it’s very thin or chopped up and mixed with something else!

Roasted Pork – not sure where my mom picked this one up at.

Pork Hock – my mom picked this one up at the same place as the roasted pork.  These were sliced way too thick and didn’t taste that good.

My contribution: Roasted BBQ Duck from Sun’s BBQ Restaurant. There is no doubt that they serve the best BBQ meats in Calgary.  When I was there lining up for BBQ meats there was a huge line up as everyone was buying it for this festive day.  I waited 35 minutes in line and when I left the line was even longer! Note to self… next time order in advance on the phone!

Also from Sun’s BBQ Restaurant – BBQ Pork.  I usually get them half lean and half fatty, and these ones were a bit too lean.

We did not finish off with mooncake this year as we were too stuffed and honestly don’t really care for it.

Sun's BBQ Restaruant on Urbanspoon

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