Pan-fried potstickers for breakfast, linguine for lunch

Chicken and Pork potstickers – 50 pcs per order; frozen.  I can’t remember how much they were.

I bought these on the upper level of New Asia Supermarket on the corner of Centre street and 16 Ave. The mom and pop shop has tons of other offerings, and you can also eat in. Buying them frozen and making them yourself is definitely much more economical. These are also hand made – even the skin! You can tell they’re not full of chemicals and preservatives like the store brand ones.  I always keep a couple packs in my freezer so we can have it for breakfast once in a while.  Shrimp wontons are also a favorite for us.

Linguine with tomato meat sauce.  Grass-fed extra lean ground beef from farmer’s market, natural chunky tomato pasta sauce from Costco, and PC Splendido linguine.  Simple but delicious.  This was my first time trying grass-fed beef and I have to say it tasted very light, not heavy and not greasy (due to the fact that it’s extra lean!).  $6.00 for about a pound – I’d much rather buy this than the store stuff.  The tomato sauce had tons of tomato chunks in it as well – not just tomato puree!

6 thoughts on “Pan-fried potstickers for breakfast, linguine for lunch

    • New Asia supermarket is on the corner of 16th and centre street – one block away from Wa’s.

      You tried the potstickers from
      Costco? Like the precooked ones in the fridge? I haven’t tried them as I like the uncooked ones where I can cook myself!

  1. The ones from Costco are frozen – not bad for the price and calorie content. But I really want to try the ones you got from New Asia. I thought you bought them from Costco, so L and I went yesterday to pick it up. He said, “Well, if Peaches recommended them – you know they’ll be good.” Lol. The dumplings were tasty, but I want to try the homemade ones from New Asia.

    • You are too funny! I didn’t even know there were frozen ones from Costco. You should definitely try the New Asia ones. They are 100% handmade and beats any of the packaged ones out there. Also quite cheap, $10.50 for 50 pcs if I can remember. I gotta go buy some more this weekend probably!

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