Dinner at Lazy Monkey

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I have an infatuation with Lao Rou Fan, aka Taiwanese Stew Pork Rice since the beginning of time.  I was in Taipei last December and ate it pretty much every single day because it was available everywhere, that and it … Continue reading

Dinner at Izumi Sushi Yokozuna

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My friend J and I have this thing… every time we see each other we seem to always meet for sushi, and then go shopping right after. Since we were going to Chinook, I decided to take another restaurant off … Continue reading

Lunch at Cora’s (Bow Valley Square)

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Cora’s.  I hear so many mixed feedback about this restaurant that I never decided if I ever want to eat here.  I’ve walked by the one at Northland Village many Saturdays and Sundays morning and was overwhelmed by the massive … Continue reading

Dinner at Sakura Sushi Japan

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Hubby was reading my blog for the very first time this weekend and he said, man, you have a lot of sushi/Japanese posts! Yeah, well… what’s wrong with that? Anyways, my brother suggested sushi for dinner last Sunday night.  I … Continue reading

Website Relaunch Party at downtownfood

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I was very fortunate to attend the website relaunch party that was hosted by downtownfood this past Saturday night.  My friend K and I both responded to their invitation on Facebook and was looking forward to sampling their (new?) menu … Continue reading

Late lunch at Ginger Beef Bistro House

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Dim Sum.  Something I haven’t had for a while.  It was 1:30pm on a Saturday afternoon and since we had to go to Costco right after, we didn’t want to travel far.  I wasn’t sure if it would be packed … Continue reading

Food Product Review: O’Tasty Potstickers, Traditional Medicinals Organic Echinacea Plus

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I went for my morning resistance training class this morning and had a great time.  After picking up some necessities at Superstore I was wondering what to do with lunch… and I found this in my freezer: It was getting … Continue reading

Going off meatless

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I went on a meatless diet for the past 10 days as I was experimenting with a cleanse.  I think I took it too drastic b/c I was on a very protein focus diet before (for body toning, and I was trying to reduce my carb intake) so as a result,  my body responded very negatively and I started gaining weight out of nowhere.  I was unable to satiate my hunger with just vegetables, fruits, dairy and non-meat protein so I turned to carbs… and my digestion completely went out of whack.  My energy level depleted even though I was working my butt off at the gym b/c I didn’t feel that my body was getting the right foods to fuel my body.  All of a sudden I caught a cold out of nowhere…! Therefore I have no choice but to call off my meatless diet and go back to eating regular foods, with a focus to cut out refined carbohydrates, reduce sugar… but yay, I can eat meat again!

Ultimate fail! Boo… this is why I will never (or can ever) become a vegetarian.

More meals at Great Taste Restaurant

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Yup, I’m here again. I like the food here and always enjoy trying new dishes.  However, since I’m on a meatless diet this time my choices are not as fancy.  I don’t even get to eat my soup dumplings… boo! … Continue reading