Last BBQ of the season?

Last Thursday on his way home hubby stopped by at a farm in Innisfail and picked up a bunch of Angus steaks.  We were very excited to try them out and he decided to BBQ them tonight.

Unfortunately he forgot the name of the farm.

I always prefer leaner steaks so hubby got me the sirloin, whereas he got the ribeye himself.  I also made some chicken fried rice and garlic noodles from leftovers, plus sauteed spinach with garlic as I wasn’t feeling for salad.  As hubby loves smokies I also bought a pack of Spolumbos… maple breakfast sausages.  I can’t help it… the selection at Superstore was very limited and I love maple syrup – these ones had organic maple syrup in them too.  Who says you can only eat it for breakfast? Plus since they are half the size of a regular one so I don’t feel as guilty eating it.  I love Spolumbo’s because they are all natural, contains no fillers, binders or preservatives.  Apparently they are leaner than other Italian sausages.

So review on the steak… this was absolutely one of the best steak I have EVER eaten in my life.  The meat was lean, juicy, so flavorful, not dry… I nearly teared up eating it, no lie.  The meat was so tender it practically melted in my mouth… hmmmmm.  I don’ think I can ever go back to eating regular supermarket steak ever again.  The prices were absolutely fair – I believe it was $9.xx for the sirloin and $12.xx for the ribeye.  And they were huge pieces.  I’m going to make sure hubby jots down the name of the farm next time he goes there.

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