Lunch at Delicious Country

Yup, I’m here again. This time with some of my old coworkers from my last job. My old manager graciously treated us for lunch to congratulate me on my new job. He gave me a choice of here or Spaghetti Factory and since I’m trying to reduce my carb intake, Szechuan seems to be a much better choice. My old gang are also addicted to a dish here – the Fish with Chili Pepper Soup. I’ve tried to eat it but it is just way too spicy for me to handle.

Here’s what we ordered today:

Minced Pork with Green Beans – $9.98

This is my ex-VP’s must have dish. Long green beans sauteed in (I think) a X.O. sauce with bits of minced pork. This was flavored very well and not too salty, so you can eat it on it’s own without rice. The beans still had a bit of crunch to them so they were cooked just right.

Fish with Chili Pepper Soup – $19.98

This dish has three peppers on the menu indicating its spice level, but to me it tastes like there should be ten! The Chinese name of this dish translates to “water cooked fish”, but the soup is so laced with chili oil and the whole thing is pretty much just white fish, chili peppers, chili peppers, and a whole lot of chili peppers. My coworkers eat everything including the soup. I ate a piece of fish and started coughing so badly the server brought me a cup of water. I’ve seen my ex-manager ate half of this pot himself… amazing. Anyways, if you really like hot chili you will really enjoy the heat in this, especially on a cold day.

Diced Chicken with Cashew Nuts – $9.98

My other coworker, N, doesn’t eat spicy like me so I picked this dish for her. Chunks of white meat, celery, carrots, garlic and green onion tossed in possibly an oyster sauce. A very mild dish, but perfect if you can’t tolerate heat.

Sliced Lamb with Green Onion – $14.98

This was my pick. I love lamb and even though there are more mushrooms and onions than meat here, there was still enough to go around. I did find this dish a tad salty than the last time I had it so it would be perfect to eat with some rice. However, great flavors, not spicy, and no “gamey” taste.

Fu Jian Style Rice – $11.98

Diced meat and veggies in a dark sauce over egg fried rice. The sauce is made from a stock and it serves as a gravy. It’s really good to eat with the rice, and a change from just fried rice. There was a good amount of meat in it as well.

One thing about the prices – I pulled them off on a takeout menu I have but I’m almost certain that they were a teeny bit higher in the restaurant menu. Just an FYI for those who may refer to what I posted.

Between the five of us there was still some leftovers, but it was a great lunch. It was great seeing my old group again and catching up!

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