Lunch at UBU Lounge

My friend L and I walk by the Theatre Junction quite often, and I always notice UBU’s huge menu plastered on the wall.  Since tomorrow is my Birthday, I decided to use that as an excuse to treat myself here.  I say “treat” because I thought the menu prices seem high, but I had no idea what the portion sizes are like.

We had reservations for 11:30am as L had to run back to a meeting at 1pm, so naturally we were the first ones there.  It’s a big, spacious place with trendy decorations.  The lighting is very dark (the table behind us – one guy had to stand up to hold his menu against the hanging lights to read the menu – poor fella).  I was really hungry and *thought* I might’ve ordered too much.  L is saving for an upcoming big trip so she only got the lunch combo.

Here’s what we ordered today:

Miso Soup – part of L’s lunch combo.

This was a delicious soup with plenty of miso flavor and its said to have four different types of mushrooms.

Salad with Miso Dressing – part of my lunch combo

The star here had to be the miso dressing.  It was a tad salty as salty miso should be, but very flavorful.  I wish it was a bigger portion.

Sashimi: Butterfish – $7; Hamachi – $8; Toro – $7

This was my order.  When I asked the waitress how many slices of fish was per order, she said it’s 3-6 slices, approximately 2 ounces.  Each fish here had 5-6 very small slices.  They were all very fresh, buttery and smooth – absolutely delicious.  However, the cut is extremely thin.   I can almost say that for the amount of fish in one order, it makes up to about two regular size pieces or less elsewhere.  So for $22 in total, I did not feel it was good value.

Teriyaki Chicken Lunch,with choice of half roll: spicy tuna – $18

This was L’s order.  The first thing she said to me was, I think I need to get a second lunch after.  Yes, the portion was extremely small.  I did not try her plate.

Wasabi Steak Lunch,with choice of half roll: spicy salmon – $18

Even with the starter salad and the sashimi order I consumed, I could tell this would not be enough food.  The wasabi steak was cooked to a medium rare – very tender, but I could not taste any wasabi flavors in it.  The small portion of rice was a perfect size if you’re on a low carb diet.  I can say that my growing, 25lb toddler eats more rice than what was on this plate, so how can it be enough for an adult like me… I really don’t know.  Even though I am trying to cut back on carbs, I rely on veggies to fill myself, and here… the portion was about an ice cream scoop’s worth.  These portions are more like for a tasting menu.  At $18, this was not good value at all, especially when the two of us had to go buy more food afterwards.

I was very disappointed with my lunch.  Even though the food was tasty, spending $42 (just me) and being barely full is just unacceptable.  I want to vote “not like” based on the cost and portion but since I did like the taste, and service was actually great, I will not cast a vote.  However, I do not see myself return here – and L feels the same way.

ETA: I was chatting with my coworker U about UBU and he thought the lunch special was a rip-off.  He said he would never eat there again as well.

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