Yelp party at Commonwealth

I was invited by fellow food blogger C to join her and her boyfriend to attend a Yelp party at Commonwealth tonight.  As I’ve never attended one, nor have I been to the Commonwealth, I was very excited and was looking forward to it.  C convinced me by telling me that it would be lots of fun and there would be tons of food… SOLD!

We met up at about 7pm and upon walking into the bar we were greeted by the party organizer, Wendy.  We made name tags for ourselves, got two drink tickets per person and headed upstairs to the food.  There was also a table tennis tournament going on.  The three of us just sat down to chit chat, but the music kept getting louder and louder to the point where C was shouting at me and I still couldn’t hear what she was saying.  I suppose I could be deaf too… :p Anyways, we had a great time talking getting to know each other, but we were also quite famished and was anxious to see the food! So as soon as something came out, we practically ran over to the serving table and grabbed samples.

Here’s what we sampled tonight:

House made chips

C thought these were crackers, but upon closer inspection they were potato chips.  They were all the same thickness and very crunchy.  They are quite dense and not airy like manufactured chips.  However, they were also a tad spicy.  I think eating them with some dip would be more preferable.

Corn dog

These were definitely a crowd favorite.  Huge chunk of sausage encased in a light, crispy batter.  They didn’t taste like they were very deep fried.  I believe I saw a plate of mustard for dipping but I ate them on its own.

Tomato and cheese skewer

Halved cherry tomato with a piece of cheese (not sure what kind) marinated in a herb dressing.  Simple hors d’oeuvres!

Meat skewer

I believe these were beef.  Topped with a chimichurri-like sauce these skewers were cooked to about medium well done.  It was tasty but the meat was quite chewy.

Bread with cheese filling (left)

This was another simple snack.  I found the cheese filling too spicy for my liking, but the bread part was good.

I’m very glad to have been here tonight to sample some of Commonwealth’s offerings.  I really thank Wendy for organizing this party! I thought the food we sampled tonight were quite good.  I don’t frequent the bar scene too much anymore so I can’t say I will return for sure, but I will not hesitate to recommend it to others! I had a great time and was glad to have met some new friends!

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