Dinner at Wa’s

What is best way to celebrate a Birthday? By indulging in one’s favorite cuisine, and mine is sushi.  I know I already had a Japanese lunch earlier, but dinner is an entirely different meal, and I think going to one of my favorite restaurants to end this pleasant day is a fantastic idea.  Knowing Wa’s would not disappoint me in terms of food, even though they have questionable service at times (not going into detail at this time), I’ve decided to have my Birthday meal here.  My family and I met up at about 5:15pm and the restaurant was relatively empty.  Even by the time we left there was only one other table, but hey, maybe people like to eat late!

So here’s what we ordered tonight:

Negomi Maki – $22.00

I had really wanted the chirashi deluxe, but it’s not usually available unless the restaurant gets some special cuts of fish, and tonight was one of those nights.  So I settled for one of my favorite rolls here.  The roll itself just has tempura bits, masago and cucumber inside, and then it’s topped with various fish.  Here we have, from the left – cajun prawn, red snapper with wakame, spicy tuna, eel, salmon with roe and imitation crab mixture topped with golden tobiko.  These were all tasty as usual, but I feel that the portion of the fish has decreased a bit in size.  And in the past when I ordered this, the cajun prawn never existed – it was always the creamy scallop.  Not sure what prompted this change – I had actually wanted the creamy scallop and didn’t order the nigiri b/c I thought it would be here.

Tonkatsu Ramen – $9.00

My mom and brother both ordered this.  I sampled a bit of ramen from my brother’s bowl and I thought the noodles were slightly undercooked.  My mom thought just the one thin piece of meat was not enough.  The soup base was decent.

Fried Halibut – $12.00

This is my brother’s favorite dish here.  What’s so special about fried fish? It’s the egg salad tartar sauce, he said.  Yes, this dish is tasty, and what can go wrong with fried fish anyway? Here’s one thing I don’t understand.  You can order this at lunch for less and it will include rice and soup free of charge.  But for dinner all you get is the fish and salad.  This is the reason why I only like to eat lunch at Wa’s.

Nigiri: Tobiko w/Uzura – $2.50; Amaebi – $4.00

Eating a raw quail egg is not everyone’s thing, but I love it.  You do need to put the entire piece into your mouth and let the creaminess of the yolk mix into everything… hmmmm.  It’s no secret that I’m also very fond of amaebi, and Wa’s gives you the actual large one, unlike some other places.  I suck all the membranes out of the head too.  Yes, my family thinks it’s gross.  I love it.  If Wa’s would deep fry the head I would be even happier!

We didn’t order too much food tonight as we weren’t overly hungry.  Service tonight was ok – the usual.  I really do like Wa’s b/c they are truly Japanese, and there are dishes here that you can’t find elsewhere.  For example, they have the BEST agedashi tofu hands down.  And there’s no question that their sashimi is ultra fresh and properly cut.  However, I feel that their prices are quite inflated for a quite a few things, and I am not the only blogger that feels this way.  I have been eating here for quite a few years and will continue to, but will mainly stick to lunch as it is better value for the same food and the chirashi deluxe whenever it’s available.

Here are more food pictures of this restaurant from previous visits:

Negomi Maki


Chirashi Deluxe

Ika Geso Age

Oyster Motoyaki

Salmon and Tuna Don

Teriyaki Chicken Don

Sashimi Lunch

Agedashi Tofu

Super Tekka Maki

Spider Roll


Wa's Japanese on Urbanspoon


2 thoughts on “Dinner at Wa’s

    • Hi Dino, I know Shikiji has one but I haven’t tried it yet. My husband also tried one at Fujiyama years ago (before they turned crappy) but it wasn’t memorable.

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