Lunch at UBU Asian Bistro

Yes, another Japanese meal. Despite my disappointing lunch at their sister restaurant a couple days ago, I have always wanted to try the Asian Bistro part.  I’m a Japadog fan and when I learned that UBU has a tobiko and wasabi mayo dog, I knew I had to try it.  Continuing with my Birthday foodie week, I was having lunch with my friend R today.  She is such a sweetie and paid for my meal – I was not expecting it! Anyways, as we haven’t seen each other for about three weeks, we had lots to catch up.  She just came back from Montreal with her bf and had their palates spoiled for 11 straight days.  One day… I will visit there.

Here’s what we ordered today:

UBU AB - croquette

Sweet Potato Croquette – $6.00

Served piping hot, these were quickly devoured.  R and I both really enjoyed this but commented that it didn’t taste like sweet potato – it just tasted like potato.  Regardless, this was one of the better potato croquettes I’ve had in a restaurant.

UBU AB - jellyfish

Kurage – $3.00

R has something against seafood, and despite the fact that we’re good friends, I’ve never successfully got her to eat a single piece of seafood.  When she saw this, she said she didn’t even know that you can eat jellyfish! I tried to convince her to try a piece but she just wouldn’t.  Oh well, more food for me.  These were very standard but tasted good.  The marinade was light and there was a good amount of sesame oil that I tasted.  The portion was a bit small in size, but since it was only $3.00 it’s understandable.

UBU AB - terimayo dog

Teriyaki Mayo Dog (without seaweed) – $6.75

This is R’s order.  She doesn’t like seaweed (how am I friends with a non-sushi eater????) so it was omitted.  This was a regular hot dog topped with sauteed mushrooms, Japanese mayo and teriyaki sauce.  R gave me half of it as she wasn’t hungry so I got to taste some – it was good but I liked mine more.  I do like how the teriyaki sauce was not overly sweet.

UBU AB - masago & mayo dog

Wasabi Mayo & Tobiko Dog – $6.00

This title is completely misleading.  As you can see, those orange things are not tobiko – they are masago.  UBU needs to change the name.  In all honestly, masago would taste better than tobiko on this anyway.  Besides that, this was a pretty good hot dog.  I can really taste the wasabi mayo but it wasn’t “shooting up your nose” strong – it was just enough to give you a bit of that kick.  I definitely enjoyed this.

UBU AB - nigiri

Assorted Nigiri: Scallop – $5.75/2 pcs; Butterfish – $5.25/2 pcs; Wild Salmon – $4.75/2 pcs

These were very fresh and yes, they were all for me.  The butterfish was sliced quite thin but it was slippery smooth.  Wild salmon was pretty standard and had that mild sweetness to it.  The scallops were very meaty and also had a slight hint of sweetness to them.  These were very enjoyable.  I will definitely come back to eat more nigiri!

I would say that I quite liked my meal today and I left quite full and satisfied.  Service was decent – there was only one server and she was running around quite a bit.  The restaurant wasn’t even half full the whole time we were there.  Prices are decent – since everything is tapas style you are expected to order a bunch of things and share.  It’s true that each item is only a few dollars, but it can quickly add up.  Our bill wasn’t that much today mainly b/c R ate very little.  Regardless, I wouldn’t hesitate to come back and try their other offerings.

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2 thoughts on “Lunch at UBU Asian Bistro

    • I think that would be tasty! Though I like Japadog a bit better. Next time I’m in Vancouver I should suggest that they keep a tub of masago around so customers can choose to sprinkle their hot dogs with it!

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