Quick Lunch at Kingsland Farmer’s Market

It’s my Farmers Market grocery shopping trip again! I didn’t see much produce that interested me today, but did pick up some free range pork, organic beef and some stewing lamb, as well as some baked goods.  Of course I also made a lunch stop at Big Catch, which is the reason for this post! With their fabulous prices on sashimi, I just had to get the toro and wild salmon again, and I also tried a roll today.

Big Catch - Sashimi 2

Toro and wild salmon sashimi, 5 pcs per order – $7.50 each

I honestly could not get over the attention to detail that the sushi chefs creates.  They certainly gave me more wasabi than I will ever eat in a year’s worth, but how can you not admire the dragon? I didn’t even want to touch it just because it was such a beautiful work of art.  Now that I think about it, I should’ve asked them to pack it to go, haha! Anyways, the sashimi did not disappoint – still fresh, sweet and smooth.  I will never stop ordering sashimi from here!

God of Wind Roll – $11.75

Again, just look at the attention to detail here.  This entire plate just shouts perfection! The roll itself was delicious – the tempura had a nice crunch.  There was a good amount of eel and avocado that topped this roll and I really like the wasabi dressing that was drizzled over it.  I like how each piece is just the right size to pop the entire piece into your mouth.

Double Catch Combo – $24.50

This was my brother’s order.  It consists of California Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Dynamite Roll, 4pcs of Salmon Sashimi and 4pcs of Tuna Sashimi.  All the rolls were pretty standard but very well made.  I personally feel that there could be a bit less rice on them but at least it’s not overly packed like the ones at all you can eat.  The sashimi was once again fresh and nicely cut.

Big Catch is a very popular and busy stand – we saw tons of people ordering sushi from them.  If you’re ever at this farmer’s market, I highly recommend you to give them a try. I really hope that they can introduce more items on their menu in the future!

My two brothers also got food from another stand, but I cannot remember their name.

Lamb Brochette – $4.00/skewer

Chicken wrap – $7.00

Chocolate milkshake (16 oz.) – $7.00

This was a tasty milkshake that is made with gelato as opposed to ice cream.  Although a tad expensive, they use real ingredients and you can taste how wholesome it is.

Big Catch on Urbanspoon

2 thoughts on “Quick Lunch at Kingsland Farmer’s Market

  1. I love this sushi place! They are amazing ARTISTS and the food is always SO FRESH. That dragon of wasabi is so cool! I would have loved that because there is no such thing as “too much wasabi” for me… LOL. (plus, it’s so cute!) I’m going to the market on Sunday and i’ll be sure to hit them up for some grub while there. *nom nom* Can’t wait!

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