Dinner at Alloy

I was meeting my two girlfriends last Friday night to celebrate… yes, my Birthday.  I should totally just do a big group dinner so I can meet up with everyone all at once, but then how can I try multiple restaurants? Alloy had been on my wishlist for a long time, so this was the perfect opportunity to dine here.  I’ve heard only good things about them so I was really looking forward to tonight’s meal.  I have to say it was a bit painful to find this restaurant… the outside does not look like a restaurant at all and if you happen to miss the small red sign right on the lawn… then you will keep driving by it until you go crazy and eventually call the restaurant for directions (like K did).

The inside of the restaurant is very nice and trendy.  We had a 5:30pm reservation that we were quite late for, but since K did notify them that everyone was on their way we didn’t lose our table.  Service was attentive throughout the night – our water was automatically filled, and our server made small talk with us here and there.

Here’s what we ordered tonight:

Complimentary Hummus, Olives & Pita

The pitas were warm and soft, and the hummus was really great especially with the addition of the pine nuts.  I don’t like olives so I didn’t touch those.

Tuna Tartare – $15.00

All three of us ordered this.  Tuna tartare is one of my favorite appetizers – I think it’s because it’s raw and reminds me of sushi? Haha.  This was a generous portion and I liked how the soy sauce was flavorful enough without being too salty.  The wonton crisps were light and airy.

Braised Pork Belly – $14.00

I just had to try this dish as well, especially not knowing when would be the next time I return to Alloy.  I didn’t expect this to be a big portion so I knew I could fit this into my stomach, and I did share with J and K! The pork belly was very tender, and the thin layer of fat just made it that much more delectable… hmmmm.  Great flavors – Asian influenced? The Asian in me says this would be perfect with a bowl of warm rice.

Pork Chop – $26.00

This was my order.  The maple butter sauce didn’t taste that maple to me, but it was sweet.  K commented that it tasted like char siu sauce? I found the meat a tad dry, but the flavors were great.

Duck Duo – $29.00

This was K’s order – roasted breast & duck confit ravioli.  I would’ve totally ordered this but I wasn’t feeling for ravioli.  I did have a taste of this and really liked the tenderness of the breast.  I did find the ravioli a bit thick and slightly undercooked.

Surf ‘n Turf – $36.00

This was J’s order –  grilled tenderloin & lobster mascarpone sausage.  The tenderloin was nicely done, but the sausage was strangely mushy and the lobster flavor was not prominent.

Peanut Butter & Banana Bread Pudding – $9.00

This was my order, and the restaurant was nice to comp it as my Birthday dessert.  I even got a candle! 🙂 Warm banana bread topped with small scoops of vanilla gelato, which I wish there was more of.  I really enjoyed this – I love warm deserts!

Dark Chocolate Pot du Creme – $9.00

This was J’s order.  I didn’t realize that white clunk was whip cream b/c it was very dense.  I can’t seem to remember what this tasted like.

Tiramisu – $9.00

This was K’s dessert.  I thought there was way too much cream in it and it overpowered everything.

Overall I think we had a great meal tonight.  I think we will definitely go back for more appetizers and drinks as there are still a few items that we want to try!

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