Dinner at Red Ember Japanese Cuisine

My brother is driving back to the boonies for work the next day, and since his little town is so secluded that they don’t even have a Timmy’s, the only type of sushi he can eat is from Superstore (still a 40 min drive away)! So hubby and I decided to treat him for sushi tonight and let him eat to his heart’s content.

Red Ember is one of my top favorite restaurants for sushi.  They have consistent good food, the server Christina is super polite and courteous and the prices are very fair for the portions.  I have introduced this place to friends and family and they all love it! They have daily catch specials too, but I’ve only seen the same few items available (toro, hamachi, Hokkaido scallop)… hopefully they can bring in more specials!

Here’s what we ordered tonight:

Complimentary appetizer

We always get something like this every time we come, and we really appreciate the gesture.  I don’t understand why more restaurants don’t do this.  You let the customer try something new off your menu, they like it and they will order it.  This is the chance to impress customers with your creative dishes! Tonight it was a seaweed wrapped cucumber roll with avocado and salmon inside, topped with their house dressing.  Very refreshing.

Hamachi Special – $13.95

The actual name would be Hamachi-peno, with peno being jalapeno.  As you are aware, I don’t like spicy, and I absolutely dislike jalapeno.  So the chef made this version without jalapeno for me.  Chopped hamachi mixed with asparagus and green onions in some kind of dressing – topped with a quail egg.  Mix it all up and eat it with the chips – kind of like a tartar.  I love hamachi and this was just tasty! You can taste how fresh the fish is – it still has that firm texture but not chewy.  I pretty much polished this entire dish myself.

Spicy Snapper Wrap – $8.95

Assorted vegetables wrapped with a thin slice of red snapper.  Drizzled with a sweet and spicy dressing – garnished with a deep fried lotus root chip.  This was very refreshing and not the least bit spicy.

Beef Tataki – $10.95

Thinly sliced rare beef topped with assorted garnishments, basked in a ponzu sauce.  The preferred way is to grab a slice of beef, roll it around the garnishments and put the entire piece into your mouth.  The beef here is sliced thin enough so it’s not chewy.  I know I’ve seen places that serve beef tataki that are a few mm’s thick!!

Gyoza – $5.95

My other brother joined us half way and yes, of course this was his order.  Very standard tasting – I think the bottom can be charred for another minute or so.

Ika Karaage – $7.95

Your typical breaded calamari rings that are lightly fried, served with a house dipping sauce that had a bit of kick to it.  These weren’t bad, but I prefer the tentacles more.

Special scallop nigiri – $2.75/pc

This was hubby’s and my brother’s order.  I did not try it.  I’ve had it in the past and liked it.

Red Dragon Roll – $11.95; Salmon Belly nigiri – $3.25/pc

Seared salmon is hubby’s favorite, so naturally he had to order this roll.  The roll itself had tempura shrimp inside.  It was also drizzled with a sweet sauce.  As for the salmon belly, I don’t see it too much at other restaurants and it’s also hubby’s favorite.  The texture is quite meaty but smooth and fatty, and I think we ordered the last six pieces of the night! Next time I think I will try it seared.

Rainbow Roll – $11.95; Small Sashimi (10 pc) – $14.95

Your standard rainbow roll with the usual fish, and a small order of assorted sashimi.  I had one piece of the roll and one piece of the tuna sashimi.  Both were standard but tasted good.

Crispy Spicy Tuna Roll – $6.50

I apologize for this horrible picture.  My iPhone doesn’t do well in dim lighting without the flash.  This was my brother’s order – I didn’t try it so I can’t comment if it was good or bad, but he enjoyed it.

Bulgogi Yaki Udon – $10.95

I totally forgot to take a picture of this… this was shared between by my hubby and my toddler.  Udon, thin beef slices, julienne carrots and onions all stir fried in a bulgogi sauce.  This dish is very well done.  If you like your noodles done teppanyaki style, do order this.  I have a picture from a previous visit posted below.

Sushi & Sashimi Combo – $22.95

My brother’s order again.  Yes we’re a family of gluttons.  The roll was a dynamite roll – warm crunchy shrimp with a dab of mayo… hmmmm.  Again, just very fresh tasting sushi.

Assorted nigiri (10 pcs) – $18.95

This is always my order.  I enjoy tasting a selection of nigiri and this combo always include some of my favorite pieces.  From left to right, top to bottom we have: seared ika (favorite), seared tuna, cajun prawn, salmon, red snapper, Hokkaido scallop (favorite), ebi, toro (always a favorite), smoked salmon and mackerel.  Each piece was very well made.

Tempura Ice Cream – $6.50

Perfect way to end our meal. I find that with a lot of restaurants, the tempura batter is always overly thick which makes it unenjoyable to eat this. At Red Ember the batter is just thick enough to hold your ice cream so it can be quickly fried. Drizzled with a bit of strawberry syrup adds a bit of sweetness.

If you haven’t tried Red Ember, I urge you to give them a visit! You will not be disappointed.

Here are more food pictures of this restaurant from previous visits:

Bulgogi Yaki Udon

Chicken Karaage


Spicy Chirashi

Sashimi Salad

Tuna Tataki

Volcano Roll

Assorted Nigiri – 1st visit

Assorted Nigiri – from another visit

Rolls and Nigiri – red dragon and kamikaze roll.  Unagi fantasy, hamachi and Hokkaido scallop nigiri.

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6 thoughts on “Dinner at Red Ember Japanese Cuisine

  1. You were one of two people that made me want to check out this restaurant! The last time I went it was so busy, but everything tasted so fresh and amazing (e.g. the tempura in the rolls were fresh out of the fryer, the rice was perfect). Glad to see that when it’s a full house, the quality and service don’t suffer.

    • I have to say I have never been there where it’s packed – everytime I go it’s always 2-3 tables max and I don’t understand why. Either way as long as they’re getting the traffic I’m happy for them b/c it’s well deserved. They have great food, awesome service and good prices that I don’t see why people wouldn’t choose to eat there!

      • The last time I went every table was filled – and each time a group got up, another group walked through the door. It was crazy busy the last two times I visited.. I think it was likely a Friday and a Saturday. Late in the evening too.

      • Interesting bc this visit I went on a Sunday and there was two tables. And I always go on the weekend. Yet I’ve never seen more than three tables of ppl. Strange!!

  2. That is weird! I was hoping that Red Ember was always very busy. Red Ember should be packed every night – so much better than Globefish and better prices than Sushi Club. We should do a double date at Red Ember when you finish your vegetarian diet. 🙂

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