Dinner at Rea’s

The last saga to my Birthday celebration week! My brother drove home from the boonies to spend the long weekend with us so of course we had to go out and eat, and hubby was driving home as well! I have to say I normally don’t eat Italian food b/c I never crave for it, but the reviews at Rea’s looked pretty good and their menu is quite vast, so I picked here to eat last Saturday.

The restaurant has two levels and we were seated in the upper level where it wasn’t as noisy, so if you prefer a quieter dining experience, request to sit there.  As we were one of the first tables there that night, our server explained to us that he has to stay on the floor no matter what so there was an awkward period where we were just staring at each other, lol.

Here’s what we ordered tonight:

Complimentary Antipasto

The garlic cloves were really tasty.  I can’t tell you what they were marinated with but I ate it with my bread.  The peppers on the other hand… I unknowingly took one bite and the spiciness lingered in my mouth for a long time.  I am not exaggerating – even hubby who can tolerate heat said they were REALLY spicy.  As a result it was left mostly untouched.

Dinner Buns

Warm, soft, crusty bread served with whipped butter.  I’m not sure if these were baked in house.

Insalata di Caesar – $7.00

My two brothers and the gf ordered this.  I didn’t taste it but brother numero deux said it was the best Caesar salad he has ever tasted.

Insalata Caprese – $9.00

This was my starter.  Fresh tomato and mozzarella slices drizzled with a herb olive oil.  Very simple.

Stracciatella Italiana (soup) – $7.00

I seriously thought Stracciatella was the Italian ice cream.  I didn’t know it is also named for a soup.  This was my mom’s order and I didn’t try it, but she liked it.

Salmone Affumicato – $14.00

This was my brother’s order.  I had a slice of the smoked salmon and it reminded me of gravlax.  I definitely liked this.

Kid’s Cheese Pizza with Choice of Drink – $8.00

I ordered this for my toddler and he only ate one quarter slice, plus half of another quarter slice of it.  As a result we all had a bit of it and finished it off.  I love how the crust is thin and chewy.  There was also a load of cheese on it.  I would definitely come back and get the pizza here.

Fettuccine Pescatore – $18.00

Shrimps and scallops in a vodka cream sauce.  I gave a third of my plate to numero deux as I couldn’t finish this.  The sauce tasted really good, not overly creamy.  I was very disappointed with the use of the small scallops – I just don’t like them and they were a bit fishy.  For the price they charge for this dish I feel that the restaurant could use the bigger scallops.  They could also charge a couple dollars more and give me the bigger scallops!

Linguini Tutto Mare – $25.00

This was hubby’s dish.  I liked how there was a ton of seafood on it (mussels are his favorite).  He didn’t have any complaints on this dish.

Vitello Parmigiana – $24.00

My brother, the one who got some of my pasta ordered this.  He has never had veal and thought he’d be adventurous… turns out he doesn’t like the texture of veal.  He only ate a small bit of it.  I had the rest of it two days later for dinner.  I personally don’t like parmigiana anything so I don’t like the veal in that sense, but the veal itself was tender and was meaty.  It was also topped with a lot of cheese.

Pollo alla Vino – $23.00

This was my mom’s order.  She seems to only eat chicken so I picked the most standard, non-exotic chicken dish for her.  She said the sauce was good and two breasts were too much for her, so she packed one to go.

At this point we were planning to order dessert but I remembered that I bought a pack of creme brulee from Costco and decided to serve that at home instead.  We really liked the food here at Rea’s and I will definitely return.  Our server gave really good service and was very courteous – he kept giving biscotti (with my permission) to my toddler just so he’d behave in his highchair.  Water was also filled without us asking.  I know some of the reviews on Urbanspoon are saying that they’re not authentic Italian – I can’t comment on that; I can only say the food tasted good and it’s one of the better Italian meals I’ve had.

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2 thoughts on “Dinner at Rea’s

    • I would definitely choose the pizza if you like your crust thin and chewy. I’m thinking of going in a couple of weeks to get their cheese pizza!

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