Dinner at T. Pot/H.K. Cafe

I have mixed feelings about the T. Pot group of restaurants.  They have good food, but the portions and the prices seem to have an opposite relationship and the service, as anyone who has dined at the restaurants, knows it’s god awful.  Still, when you live in the N.W. your choices for Chinese food can be quite limited.  My mom and I were on a time crunch this past Friday night and couldn’t travel too far for dinner, so we decided to dine on the cafe side of T.Pot.  When you sit on the cafe side, you are given the cafe and restaurant menu.  However, if you’re at the restaurant you can only order from the restaurant menu.  We ended up ordering from both menus.

Here’s what we ordered tonight:

T Pot - salted chicken

Super Salt Baked Chicken (half) – $14.95

As I am on a meatless diet, this dish was pretty much polished by my mom.  She wouldn’t stop gloating how tasty it was… I had a taste of the onions soaked in the broth – it was quite salty.  It would probably taste really good with rice!

T Pot - kaboocha pork

Stir Fried Pork with Kaboocha Slices – $14.95

This is my favorite dish.  Again, as I am on a meatless diet I was only able to eat the kaboocha and red peppers.  I saved all the meat for my toddler, which he really liked.  Everything was stir fried in a very strong garlic sauce.  The kaboocha slices were cooked to  soft but not mushy.  They were also sweet – I love kaboocha.

T Pot - dual ball hor fun

Beef Ball and Fish Ball Hor Fun – $5.95

Instead of rice, my mom and I shared this as our carbohydrate.  Of course my mom ate all the beef balls and fish balls.  The hor fun was pretty standard – I prefer the one at Chong Fat much more.  The soup had a mild fish taste to it.

T Pot - dessert

Complimentary Dessert

You don’t normally get dessert dining on the cafe side, but I decided to ask the server for it anyway and they gave it to me.  Tonight it was a red bean and black glutinous rice sweet soup.  It had very strong coconut flavors (added coconut milk) and it was sweet.  My mom and I really liked this.

I have to say service was a lot better than the last time I was here.  I suppose it could be due to the fact that my mom and I know some of the servers there…? Anyways, while the food is good and some dishes are quite unique, I just find their prices quite high for what you get as some things are hit and miss.  I used to come here for dim sum quite often but I find the quality just isn’t that great anymore.

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2 thoughts on “Dinner at T. Pot/H.K. Cafe

    • Doesn’t your MIL know the people there? I thought she would get good service. Regardless the service is quite horrible but they really do have good food (the entire chain of restaurants) most of the time. The portions are so small though!

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