Brunch at Brasserie Kensington

Fellow blogger C and I met up for brunch this past Sunday.  I think she had wanted to try Vero Bistro but being on a meatless diet I wasn’t interested in their vegetarian brunch choices so we decided to meet here at the Brasserie.  She has been here for brunch before whereas I was here for dinner not too long ago.

Here’s what we ordered today:

BK - duck confit omelet

Duck Confit Omelet – $16.00

This was C’s order.  My plan was to persuade her to order the breakfast poutine so I can just mooch off of her (muahahahaha) but she decided that it was too calorie-dense and wanted something healthier.  I tried a small piece of the omelet and it was done very nicely.  My toddler and I ate quite a few of the potato crisps and although they were a tad salty, I really liked them.  C thought this was a good dish.

BK - french toast

Brasserie French Toast – $13.00

This was my order.  I was not happy with the bread that they chose for the French Toast.  I expect French Toast to be soft, fluffy and somewhat spongy, but these were completely opposite of that.  Maybe this is the French way to make it – I do not know.  I only know that I was not satisfied and for the price, this was not good value.  If I had known what this dish was like beforehand, I would not have ordered it.

BK - foie gras ice cream crepe

Foie Gras Caramel & Sea Salt Ice Cream – $9.00

Menu shows $9.00 but I realized after the fact that I was charged $10.00 on my bill.  Regardless, nothing I can do about it now.  This was a fabulous dessert – the crepe was cook perfectly and not weird spongy like some of the other crepe places.  The caramel sauce had very rich caramel flavors and not sickeningly sweet.  The star had to be the ice cream – it was a mix of savory and sweet, and very rich.  It kind of tasted like foie gras and kind of not – I suppose just a hint of it? C is in a healthy kick and wouldn’t try some and my toddler and I had no trouble gobbling it up!

I still like the Brasserie and can’t wait to try their other items, but I would definitely not give the French Toast a second-go.  I enjoyed getting to know C a bit more during this brunch and can’t wait for the next outing again!

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9 thoughts on “Brunch at Brasserie Kensington

  1. Aww. I had a great time too. So happy you are blogging. I always look forward to your posts. Where should our next place be? Have you heard about Hans in Chinatown? Or a vegetarian bun? We can check out Golden Bell on 17th Ave. Or the Coup? That place is pretty good if you know what to order.

    • Hans is under construction… indefinitely. At least that’s what it looks like. We could go to the Coup? But I don’t want you to spend too much money eating out! I suppose I shouldn’t either… I can’t do this weekend but can definitely do the next if you’re around – let me know!

    • Now that you mentioned it, I think I did read that they aren’t very toddler welcome either. Hmmm gotta give that some more thought. We could go elsewhere too. What’s on your wishlist for brunch?

  2. Great review. Food looks fantastic. I can’t help but wonder though, if you are on a vegetarian diet how did you eat the fois gras? Just sayin’… LOL.

    Love your blog by the way… 🙂

    • Hi Monica… yeah, I realized that afterwards but it was too late. I was just trying to go meatless for a short period of time so my diet wasn’t very “pure” per se. 🙂

  3. You are absolutely right about the French toast, being French myself if they would serve me that I would have ask them what is that…..

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