More meals at Great Taste Restaurant

Yup, I’m here again. I like the food here and always enjoy trying new dishes.  However, since I’m on a meatless diet this time my choices are not as fancy.  I don’t even get to eat my soup dumplings… boo! I was browsing their vegetarian dishes and the crispy kaboocha in egg yolk sauce really intrigued me.  I must get that!

So here’s what we ordered today:

GT - green bean starch sheet with shredded chicken

Shredded chicken and green bean starch sheets with sesame sauce – $6.95

My favorite dish, except I don’t get to enjoy the chicken this time around.  I like how light tasting the starch sheets are and prefer them over other types of noodles, even though it’s still starch.

GT - xlb (2)

Steamed Shanghai Pork Dumplings (6) – $5.75

I didn’t try these, but they were juicy with a good amount of soup inside.  My toddler ate my share on my behalf! Lol.

GT - veg spring roll

Shanghai Spring Rolls (3) – $3.95

These were unexpectedly vegetarian.  Crispy but a bit overfried – stuffed with assorted vegetables.  I’ve had better spring rolls elsewhere.

GT - veg dumplings

Steamed Vegetable Dumplings (6) – $5.95

These were stuffed with an assortment of firm tofu, mushrooms, carrots and the like.  They don’t taste like much without the vinegar dipping sauce so you definitely need that, but this is a great vegetarian choice if you’re looking for steamed dumplings!

GT - kaboocha strips

Deep Fried Pumpkin with Salted Egg Yolk – $11.95

You say pumpkin, I say kaboocha.  This was my favorite dish.  I was expecting kaboocha slices so when this dish was being brought out, I was like what the heck is that.  Just think of these as kaboocha fries! Some pieces were more battered than others, and some pieces got more egg yolk sauce more than others.  The outside is crispy while the inside is soft and sweet.  My grandma thinks it’s too deep-fried but I absolutely enjoyed them.  My toddler thought they were fries too and ate some!

GT - house special noodle

Chef’s Special Stir Fried Ramen – $11.95

We ordered this last time and I really liked it so we decided to have it again.  Also, because I know it’s not laden with meat I can easily just eat the noodles and veggies.

GT - yin yang fried rice

Honey Moon Fried Rice – $12.95

Really? I have been calling it yin yang fried rice all my life! Well we all know that restaurants sometimes name their dishes differently even though it is the same dish.  Regardless, this is my brother’s favorite rice dish so I ordered it for him, thinking that I can eat it too.  What I did not expect was the miniscule pieces of pork that was pretty much throughout the tomato sauce… so I was only able to eat the cream sauce side and my brother hated me for that.  He likes the cream sauce while I like the tomato sauce.  Anyways, not sure why this dish looks so messy – the sauces look so uneven! It tasted great though so no complains on this dish.

A couple days later I was meeting my other friend C for lunch and decided to come back again.

GT - Green bean starch sheet with assorted vegetables

Green bean starch sheet with assorted vegetables – $10.95

I ordered this solely because it’s vegetarian, and I love the green bean starch sheets.  The bottom has a bunch of shredded bean curd, wood fungus etc. and the starch sheets are topped with a sesame like sauce.  It’s very refreshing! This was C’s first time eating it and she really liked it.

GT - spicy chicken noodle

Spicy Chicken Noodles (cold) – $11.95

I ordered this for C because she likes spicy, but she didn’t realize that it was cold, so she didn’t enjoy it as much.  I asked for less spicy so I could eat it too and it wasn’t too bad! Just kind of plain eating the noodles without the chicken.  Note that this dish is very heavy on garlic, so if you need to meet clients afterwards… don’t eat it! Lol.

After our meal I felt like an egg tart.  As I haven’t bought from the bakeries in Chinatown for a while, I asked C where she would recommend and she said St. Laurent.

Egg Tart – $1.20/each

They’re kinda smallish, and I don’t like how some parts sunk.  Taste wise the filling wasn’t too sweet and the crust was like a butter cookie crust.  It was an ok egg tart!

Great Taste Chinese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

St Laurent Cake House on Urbanspoon

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