Going off meatless

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I went on a meatless diet for the past 10 days as I was experimenting with a cleanse.  I think I took it too drastic b/c I was on a very protein focus diet before (for body toning, and I was trying to reduce my carb intake) so as a result,  my body responded very negatively and I started gaining weight out of nowhere.  I was unable to satiate my hunger with just vegetables, fruits, dairy and non-meat protein so I turned to carbs… and my digestion completely went out of whack.  My energy level depleted even though I was working my butt off at the gym b/c I didn’t feel that my body was getting the right foods to fuel my body.  All of a sudden I caught a cold out of nowhere…! Therefore I have no choice but to call off my meatless diet and go back to eating regular foods, with a focus to cut out refined carbohydrates, reduce sugar… but yay, I can eat meat again!

Ultimate fail! Boo… this is why I will never (or can ever) become a vegetarian.


4 thoughts on “Going off meatless

  1. “Cleansing” is pseudoscientific quackery at its worst (or finest if you like quackery). Life’s too short to cleanse- and to end your life prematurely when your electrolytes go out of whack due to this bizarre, sometimes dangerous practice. There is nothing to “cleanse.”

    • Oh I learned my lesson… hard. I thought I was just doing my body some good by eliminating meat but I didn’t plan this out at all. The good thing is our bodies are very forgiving (should we treat it right) and I think I have been forgiven.

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