Lunch at Sukiyaki House

I was so meat deprived and craving sushi so badly that I was literally crying inside… ok that’s a bit of an exaggeration but nonetheless, I really wanted sushi.  However, as I was still on my vegetarian diet I know I can only have vegetarian sushi… it’s ok.  I know it will still cheer me up.  I’ve been to Sukiyaki House once in the past and thought they were ok, albeit expensive.  However, I wanted to try some of their rolls there so I decided to have lunch by myself since I couldn’t find a lunch buddy today.

I made reservations for lunch last Thursday not knowing if the restaurant would be busy, and as I arrived I was directed to sit at the sushi bar as I was a lone diner.  The restaurant was very busy at lunch, unlike the last time I was here for dinner where it was quite quiet.

Here’s what I ordered today:

SH - futomaki

Futomaki (5 pcs) – $6.00

I can almost tell you that I never order this unless I couldn’t eat raw fish for some reason.  The roll here is very well made.  I like how the roll is stuffed with ingredients as opposed to rice.  The ingredients include tamago, shitake, cucumber, sakura denbu (pink fish powder) and takenoko (bamboo shoots).  You can expect sweet flavors from this roll as opposed to savory.

SH - nigiri

Nigiri: Tamago – $2.20/pc; Shitake – $2.00/pcs

Again, something I would never order unless I couldn’t eat raw fish.  I like the marinated shitake b/c it’s sweet! The tamago was very standard – nothing special about it.  The nigiri here has good topping to rice ratio.

SH - veg tempura

Vegetable Tempura – $10.00

I wanted to try the tempura here to see how it’s made.  I was very surprised by this! First off, it’s a very large portion.  Second, there were nine types of vegetables in this – asparagus (2 pcs), long green beans (4 pcs), avocado, eggplant, cucumber, yellow pepper, yam sticks (2 pcs), yellow yam slice and kaboocha.  Third, it was crispy, lightly fried and not the least bit oily.  I also love how they give you the grated ginger and daikon to add to your tempura sauce.  I would order this again in a heartbeat!

SH - yam roll

Yam Roll – $8.00

I waited quite some time for this and thought it was forgotten, but turns out the sushi chefs were just waiting for the yam sticks from the kitchen.  The description said it has yam, sweet potato, potato and avocado, but all I could taste was the yam and avocado.  It was very sweet and creamy and I loved every single bite of it.  Too bad I was so stuffed at this point from the tempura that I was just forcing myself to finish it off.  I didn’t want to save it b/c I know the tempura part would get soggy hours later.

I really enjoyed my lunch here today.  I did order too much as I was expecting small portions but your eyes are always bigger than your stomach, right? Service was only ok – some servers were attentive while others look like they didn’t want to be bothered.  I would definitely come back here for lunch again though!

I did notice some peeve-y things that I want to point out.  The people sitting on my left… they were forking their sushi.  The people on my right… they were eating a spicy tuna roll with their fingers, and the spicy tuna mixture was on top of the roll.  Seriously people! I don’t care if you suck at using chopsticks but you just don’t eat sushi with a fork! And even though traditionally you eat nigiri with your hands, I don’t think this would apply to sauced rolls.  Imagine if you were meeting with an important client.  Oh another one… you do NOT put gari on top of your sushi – you eat it in between each piece of sushi as a palate cleanser!

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4 thoughts on “Lunch at Sukiyaki House

    • Hmmmm thanks for sharing your post! I must try your recipe one of these days – everything does look light and fluffy – oh my! I actually hardly ever order tempura (especially vegetable) but I was just craving for it that day.

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