Food Product Review: O’Tasty Potstickers, Traditional Medicinals Organic Echinacea Plus

I went for my morning resistance training class this morning and had a great time.  After picking up some necessities at Superstore I was wondering what to do with lunch… and I found this in my freezer:

It was getting a bit freezer burnt, mind you. I think it’s been in my freezer for quite some time! May as well make it! The package had 20 pieces. Me, hubby and our toddler shared the whole bag.

I made them via what I call the lazy way – oil up a heated frying pan – line the potstickers bottom to the pan; pour 1/4 inch boiling water, cover lid, let it cook until water evaporates.  I used to boil them for a couple minutes first and then line them up on the pan! I find this lazy way easier and nearly fool-proof.  So did I like them? I find the wrap very loose and the meat separated from the dumpling very easily.  They tasted ok but I like the handmade ones from the mom and pop shop at New Asia Supermarket more.

I’ve been battling a cold for about three days now but I started drinking this non-stop:

I have to say my symptoms have improved drastically! This tea works way better than tylenol or advil and I like the fact it’s all natural.  If you’re not into taking medicine every time you get sick, give this line of herbal teas a try.  While I was breastfeeding I heavily relied on their nursing tea to increase milk production and I was happy with the results!


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