Dinner at Sakura Sushi Japan

Hubby was reading my blog for the very first time this weekend and he said, man, you have a lot of sushi/Japanese posts! Yeah, well… what’s wrong with that? Anyways, my brother suggested sushi for dinner last Sunday night.  I wasn’t 100% in the mood for it, so I didn’t have any suggestions as to where to go until he reminded me of Sakura Sushi.  I remember seeing their grand opening sign every day, twice a day as I’m on the bus.  I had a general feeling that it was not a fancy or authentic place but I didn’t care.

We arrived at about 6:45pm last Sunday and there was only a table of two diners in the entire restaurant.  Even as we left there was only one other big group which I believe was the owner’s friends.  Not sure if the weather had anything to do with it, but when a restaurant is relatively empty during their first couple of months of grand opening it makes me a tad nervous.

A quick glance at the menu showed relatively low prices.  Our very pregnant server, whom I suspect is one of the owners anyway gave us superb service throughout the night and was very attentive.  Because of the low prices, we were a bit out of control and ordered too much.

Here’s what we ordered tonight:

Salmon Sashimi (7 pcs) – $9.00; Tuna Sashimi (7 pcs) – $9.00

These were nicely cut, with no grisly weird stringy fibres in between that you would sometimes get with tuna that isn’t cut properly. My only complaint is that the salmon was still a bit frozen so it wasn’t pleasant biting into icy fish. We left it alone for a few minutes and came back to it and it was good to eat.  The tuna was nice and soft.  Both fish did not taste old or fishy.

Seafood Salad – $7.00

My way to get my greens in! Iceberg lettuce mix (packaged, I’m sure) topped with a variety of sashimi – salmon, tuna, red snapper, cooked shrimp, surf clam and octopus.   What I really enjoyed was the salad dressing – it was sweet and tangy and also very light.  I shared the salad with hubby.

Bento Box B (w/choice of pop or miso soup) – $9.99

This was my brother’s order.  He was pleasantly surprised by the large amount of food in here and he said everything was decently good.  I tried a slice of the beef and it was tender.

Bento Box C (w/choice of pop or miso soup) – $9.99

This was my mom’s order.  I didn’t try anything here but she ate everything with no complaints.

Chirashi – $11.50

Hubby and I decided to get the chirashi b/c that’s our way of testing out the fish selection at a restaurant, and that it was the cheapest chirashi I have yet to seen here in Calgary.  Here we have salmon, tuna, red snapper, squid, tamago, octopus, surf clam, amaebi and yellow tobiko.  Although the toppings seem scarce, for the price you really can’t complain.  The fish itself was fine – there was of course way too much rice for the amount of fish toppings.  Hubs and I ate maybe only half of the rice.

Spider Roll – $12.00

Soft shell crab and cucumber wrapped inside, topped with avocado and yellow tobiko.  I honestly have never seen tobiko this yellow before! Although I know you can “make” different colors of tobiko…  Anyways, I counted 10 pieces in this roll.  The soft shell crab was warm and crispy, and the avocado was soft.  I cannot recall if there was any mayo inside the roll – I remember I thought the roll was a bit dry and could’ve benefit from some type of sauce.

Chopped Scallop Roll – $5.50; B.C. Roll – $4.00, Chopped Scallop nigiri – $1.50/pc; Cajun Prawn nigiri – $1.50/pc

The sushi bar made a mistake and gave us 4 cajun prawn and 2 chopped scallop, even though I had ordered 4 chopped scallop and 2 cajun prawn.  They quickly brought out another 2 pcs of chopped scallop and didn’t take away the cajun prawn or charged us for it.  I have to say I really liked the chopped scallop – it was creamy, sweet and had just enough mayo! It really reminded me of the one at Towa though it’s like 60% cheaper here of course.  If comparing to the roll, the nigiri is a much better deal as you get way more filling.  I tried a chunk of cajun prawn and it was quite spicy for me.  Hubby ordered the B.C. roll b/c it was said to be made with salmon skin, but we did not find a single particle of skin – it was all meat! He didn’t say anything until half way through so we couldn’t even get the bar to change it/take it back.  Oh well.

Beef Yakisoba – $8.50

I forgot to take a picture of this until a quarter way through.  I ordered this for my toddler.  As you can see it was quite a huge portion, so we packed the rest of it to go home and hubby had it for lunch the next day.  There was a large amount of noodles and vegetables throughout, plus a decent amount of beef slices.  My only complain was the beef was very dry, therefore my toddler kept spitting back out.  Note the noodles were served on a hot plate.

Sakura Sushi is a great place if you’re looking for cheap, large portions of food that also tastes decent.  I have days where I prefer fancier sushi and sometimes just a quick, cheap meal would suffice.  The owners are Vietnamese so if authenticity is a huge deal to you, then you may not prefer this restaurant.  Service, as I mentioned was very good.  The pregnant owner is giving birth soon, so I know I’m going to miss her great service the next time I return! Oh and another thing – on their takeout menu it says takeout orders over $10.00 is 10% off – so take advantage of this if you plan to give them a try!

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3 thoughts on “Dinner at Sakura Sushi Japan

    • I would say the chopped scallop nigiri was my favorite of the night, followed by the sashimi salad b/c their dressing is really good and unique! The sashimi itself isn’t bad as long as they don’t serve it frozen ^^

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