Lunch at Cora’s (Bow Valley Square)

Cora’s.  I hear so many mixed feedback about this restaurant that I never decided if I ever want to eat here.  I’ve walked by the one at Northland Village many Saturdays and Sundays morning and was overwhelmed by the massive lineups.  Surely if that many people are waiting to eat there, the food has to be good, right? Well my coworker S and I have been meaning to go for lunch together for the longest time and today was finally the day.  We wanted to go to a restaurant where we can sit and chat but also not expensive.  So when she suggested Cora’s I agreed; finally get to check out this breakfast restaurant!

We arrived at about 11:30am and was able to get a table with ease.  Since I’ve never ate here before, I took a long time deciding as I was thinking… breakfast? Lunch? Omelet? Skillet? Eggs Benny? Yikes… too many choices isn’t always a good thing either! I kind of wanted eggs but I didn’t want bacon or sausage.  Blah.  Sandwich it is.

Here’s what we ordered today:

Tomato Juice (part of my lunch meal)

When you order any of the lunch meals, you get a choice of soup or tomato juice to go with your meal.  I wasn’t interested in the soup today – Cream of Broccoli so I settled for the tomato juice.  I didn’t know it’d be in such a small glass… it was about 3 sips worth.  The soup would be a much better deal.

Soup and Salad – Chicken Salad and Swiss Cheese, Cream of Broccoli soup – $9.75

Ahhhhhhhhh my sh*tty BlackBerry camera.  I didn’t take my purse with me and didn’t want to carry two phones, so I thought taking my work phone with me would be a better choice.  Anyways, this is S’s order.  She didn’t have any comments or complaints on this so I trust that it was good.

Ciabatta Beef Melt – $11.45

When I ordered this, the server asked if I wanted to add tomatoes onto my salad for $0.55 or something like that.  I wasn’t able to finish my salad at the end anyway so good thing I didn’t, but I can’t believe they would charge for that.  Anyways, I really liked this sandwich.  It was warm, bread was crispy and the beef was really tender.  Also good amount of sauce (not too little, not too much).  My only complaint is the portion size.  I realize restaurants have to make profits but for $11.45… this sandwich should be bigger! And here I was, complaining about the turkey and provolone ciabatta sandwich at Costco being expensive at $5.99.  I like the strawberry yogurt dressing as a dip for the vegetables, but there was not enough for the salad.

Overall, service was good.  Our server was very enthusiasted.  At the end of your meal you are given your bill and you take it to the cashier near the exit to pay.  The cashier asked us how our meal was, how the service was, etc. and that we can leave a tip if we chose to.  Interesting.  I’m glad I finally gave Cora a try to see what it was all about, but I’m in no rush to go back.

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