Dinner at Izumi Sushi Yokozuna

My friend J and I have this thing… every time we see each other we seem to always meet for sushi, and then go shopping right after. Since we were going to Chinook, I decided to take another restaurant off my wishlist as we were on Macleod Trail anyway. Which is what brought us to Izumi Sushi Yokohana today. They’ve been on my wishlist for quite a while, but because it’s so far away I never wanted to make the trip for it, even when one time Groupon offered a deal for them I decided that driving 40 minutes to eat a restaurant just seems… too much work. Anyways, I just found out yesterday that November is their one year anniversary and if you like their Facebook page you get a gift certificate! Limited quantities available, so go click away! 🙂

We arrived at about 5:30pm and was one of the first few tables. The staff and sushi chefs looked Japanese…? Food came out pretty fast, and service was pretty good. Prices seem a bit higher than average but nothing too over the top.

Here’s what we ordered tonight:

Izumi - the bridge of tuna

The Bridge of Tuna – $13.95

Seven pieces of thick cut tuna sashimi with avocado slices in between. Drizzled with something of an eel sauce and mayo and sprinkled with shreds of yam. Eating the tuna and avocado together just brings a new level of creaminess. You definitely don’t need to eat this with soy sauce! The tuna was at the right temperature – not frozen, and fresh.

Izumi - salmon sashimi

Salmon Sashimi (7 pcs) – $13.95

I swear these were at least a cm thick! These were fresh, sweet and not frozen. I personally prefer wild sockeye salmon over the farmed variety but this is what J usually order.

Izumi - favorite tuna sushi combo

Favorite Tuna Sushi Combo – $15.95

Two pieces of yellowfin tuna, red tuna and tuna belly nigiri, plus eight pieces of California Roll. They were all cut very well! Again, the fish is just fresh, fresh, fresh. The tuna belly was not the best I had – it was smooth but not completely melt in your mouth. Yellowfin tuna and red tuna was standard but good. Fish to rice ratio was excellent on the nigiri – the fish just kind of drapes over the small rice ball. The California Roll is very standard but also made very well. I enjoyed the fake crab meat (pollock) mixture a lot.

Izumi - gyoza

Gyoza (8 pcs) – $7.95

These were about two bite size – the bottoms were charred very nicely but I found the meat mixture a bit mushy. It’s great that the dipping sauce is not the usual store bought dumpling sauce – I think this was made in house and it was like a light soy sauce.

Izumi - oysters

Baked Oyster – $2.95/pcs

J and I each had one. They were more sauce than oyster, but I liked how it wasn’t overly rich. I suggest that if you order this, be sure to order a bowl of rice on the side to eat it with.

Izumi - marine boy

Marine Boy (Regular Roll) – $16.95

When this was brought out, our eyes literally popped out of our sockets. What the heck is that monstrosity of a roll? They were as big as my fist. At this point J and I were actually quite full and knew we’d have to pack it to go. I finally understand why the menu offers a small and regular size. I think the small size would be a better choice because the regular one is probably just stuffed with extra fake crab meat mixture. So the inside had a small piece of eel and a crapload of fake crab meat. Topped with an assortment of sashimi and thick slices of avocado, and topped with red tobiko. Drizzled with a sweet sauce and a flavored mayo. As you can already guess this was a five-six biter, but I liked the roll a lot because all the ingredients were good and the roll was made well. This was pretty much a rainbow roll on steroids :p with the addition of eel.

Izumi - grilled fish

Grilled Black Cod and Salmon – $9.95

I really shouldn’t have ordered this but I love grilled black cod, and I didn’t know the portions here would be so massive!! The two pieces of fish was grilled very nicely – not the least bit overcooked. I liked them but I think I would’ve enjoyed them a lot more if I wasn’t so full. I didn’t want to save it for the next day because reheating cooked fish really kills the texture, therefore I saved some of the sushi instead.

J and I really enjoyed our meal here tonight and can’t wait to return! We definitely ordered way too much and packed a good amount to bring home, but that’s ok! Next time we’ll know better. I just wish they weren’t so far away from me so I can go there more often.

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6 thoughts on “Dinner at Izumi Sushi Yokozuna

    • Izumi wins on quality, whereas Sakura wins on value. Both meals had only a $15 difference but there was two of us at Izumi whereas there was five of us at Sakura. You will find unique items at Izumi whereas at Sakura it’ll be the very standard items. I recommend you to try them both though!

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