Dinner at Lazy Monkey

I have an infatuation with Lao Rou Fan, aka Taiwanese Stew Pork Rice since the beginning of time.  I was in Taipei last December and ate it pretty much every single day because it was available everywhere, that and it was dirt cheap! I’ve tried the one at Hans and at one of the previous Bubble Tea places at New Asia Supermarket but it wasn’t what I was really looking for.  I recently saw THIS picture and knew I had to give Lazy Monkey a visit.

Here’s what we ordered tonight:

Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken – $8.60

Lightly fried boneless chicken thigh, seasoned with… perhaps salt and pepper? These were piping hot and were very tasty, although a tad expensive.

Curry Casserole – $12.99

My brother’s order.  I didn’t try this but he really liked it.  Him and I both really like baked rice/pasta dishes with cheese.  I believe the meat was chicken?

Pulled Chicken with Pork Sauce – $8.60

THIS is the flavor that I was after.  The pork sauce has so much flavor and was not the least bit salty, and it consisted of chunks of pork meat AND pork belly! I love pork belly.  I don’t know how I love pork belly but hate bacon.  The tofu pocket was marinated very nicely whereas the egg didn’t have much flavor.  The pulled chicken was underneath the pork sauce.  I didn’t think the pork floss on the side was needed.  I love this.  I want to go eat it again! The price is kinda high (especially when comparing to Taipei… oh I miss you $0.75 rice bowls!) but $8.60 for a meal that fills you up is not unreasonable.

Taiwanese Style Pork Chop – $10.99

This is not the actual name, but I don’t know what else to call it.  This is not on the regular menu – rather, it’s on a piece of paper taped to the cash register, called lau pa fan.  The pork chop was very tender.  It looks like it was deep fried and then coated in sauce? You can order it deep fried without sauce as well.  My mom was surprised by this and really liked it.  You know how Asian parents are… they are not the least bit adventurous and always seem to order the same few dishes :p but pork chop is considered a safe choice!

We didn’t order any drinks mainly b/c bubble teas are not our thing, but I would love to try their milk teas at another time.  I would definitely eat here again.  I will be attempting to make the pork sauce this weekend so hopefully that will be a success!

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