Brunch at The Fine Diner

Way long overdue post from two weeks ago…

Last week someone in my family suggested going for brunch on the weekend, so I was reviewing my wishlist to see what would be a great place to try at 10:30am in the morning.  I realize there would be line ups, but weekends are the only days I don’t need to wake up early, and when you have a baby/toddler, they automatically become your excuse to never be on time! Lol.  We were leaning towards Galaxie Diner which my friend R raves about, but at the last minute I decided The Fine Diner b/c of their Duck Benny.  I love eggs benedict (I seem to love a lot of foods…) and there’s one made with duck? Sold!

We arrived at 11:00am and was surprised to see that there was no line, but looks are usually deceiving.  We were quoted a 40 minute wait and they have a backroom that you can sit and wait and enjoy some coffee.  As we walked in there was a huge group of people gathering around! Thankfully, the wait ended up only being about 25 minutes.  Throughout our entire stay the waitlist never went away, and people just kept coming in!

Here’s what we ordered today:

Fine Diner - Cookies and Cream milkshake

Cookies and Cream Milkshake – $5.00

I ordered this to share with my toddler.  While the flavors were good, what I did not enjoy was half of it was just very heavy whipped cream sitting on top half of the actual milkshake.  Are you supposed to mix them together? I don’t know but I will not order this again.

Fine Diner - Daily soup

Feature Soup – $6.00

My mom wasn’t hungry so she only got the soup, and I ordered one for my toddler b/c he already had some food before we left the house.  It was a chicken and vegetable soup.  I really like how the broth was light yet flavorful.  The garlic toast that accompanied it was delicious.

Fine Diner - Duck benny

Duck Benny – $15.00

This was freakin’ amazing! I was expecting small slivers of duck breast but imagine my surprise when I counted a total of eight slices! Cooked to about a medium, perfectly seasoned and tender.  Drizzled with maple syrup as opposed to Hollandaise sauce which was a good match.  I loved it! I appreciate the large portion of fruits that accompanied this plate.  The only thing I didn’t really enjoy was the breakfast potatoes, which honestly was nothing special.  They didn’t taste bad – just not memorable.

Fine Diner - Breakfast burger

Breakfast Burger – $12.00

This was my brother’s order.  Burger, bacon, caramelized onions topped with a sunnyside egg – what is there to complain about? Apparently nothing… he loved it as well.

Fine Diner - Side order of bread

Side of Bread (Sourdough) – $2.00

Buttered sourdough slices.  My brother said they were really good sourdough bread.  I can’t comment since I didn’t try it.

Fine Diner - Poutine

Poutine – $8.00

This poutine was different from your usual ones because instead of gravy, demi glaze was used.  I liked this, and as hot as the little pot was the cheese curds barely melted.

I thought the food was great and all, but there is something I want to comment.  I understand that the restaurant was very busy and there was a long wait list.  However, it doesn’t mean I need to be rushed out of there.  As a server, aren’t you supposed to ask if your patrons are done with their plate before you take them away? Not our server.  I didn’t even get to eat all of my fruits and I was busy feeding my toddler and she started clearing our table.  The bill was brought over before I was even done feeding.  Alright, hint taken.  Besides this small hiccup though, I would not hesitate to return here for more meals.

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