Lunch at Pio Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken

Since R took me out for my Birthday last month, it is only right that I return the gesture.  She couldn’t decide what to eat though, so I suggested Pio.  I’ve ate at Inti twice and really enjoy the food there, but there’s nothing wrong with trying out another Peruvian restaurant! J was also interested so the three of us, along with my sleepy toddler decided to come here last Sunday.  I really wanted to try the rotisserie chicken!

What’s really cool about Pio is that they have an iPad with food pictures on it because their menu is all text.  Our server, who is the owner’s daughter told us that they are in the process of updating all their menus with pictures.  Pictures are always helpful especially when you’re not familiar with a particular cuisine.

Here’s what we ordered today:

Pio - Ceviche

Ceviche (sampler size) – $7.99

J and I shared this since R doesn’t eat fish.  The lime juice marinade was just citrusy enough without being overpowering.  R actually kept spooning the juice over her rice afterwards.  I loved the cancha and there was not enough to go around.

Pio - Lomo Saltado

Lomo Saltado – 14.99

This was J’s meal.  I sampled a piece of the steak and it was seasoned just right, and it was also very tender.  He devoured his plate in no time and seemed to have really enjoyed it.

Pio - Pio Con Arroz

Pio Con Arroz – $9.99

This was R’s meal.  Quarter chicken with sunshine rice, which I’m guessing is just Peruvian style fried rice.  She really enjoyed this as well.

Pio - Pio Con Salchipapa

Pio Con Salchipapa – $11.49; Garden Salad add on – $1.99

This was my meal.  My original choice was the Pio Con Camote, which was the sweet potato cakes, but upon seeing the sausage and fries… I mean hello, sausage and fries? How can anyone not want that? I’m glad I went with this because this was some of the best fries I’ve had.  Crispy, airy and light – it was perfect with that yellow dipping sauce.  Way better than the poor excuse of fries I had the previous night.  The sausages were just like normal sausages, or maybe they were garlic flavored.  The chicken was very good – my favorite store bought Rotisserie chicken has to be the ones from Costco but I find that they have been really salty lately (over-brined, I think).  The one here at Pio was just right, and the meat was very smooth (naturally, being dark meat and all).  I would definitely come back for this!

Pio - Alfajores

Alfajores – $2.49

This was R’s dessert.  This was a very smooth buttery cookie drizzled with dulce de leche sauce.  I sampled it and thought it’d be a hard cookie, but no… it was soft… and warm.  Upon learning that we were celebrating R’s Birthday the server comped her dessert, and said she wish she knew it was R’s Birthday so they would’ve done something nice for her.  How sweet!

Pio - Crema Volteada

Crema Volteada – $3.99

This was J’s dessert.  It’s essentially caramel flan and tasted just like it.  I sampled it as well (yes, we sampled each other’s desserts!) and thought it was as good and standard as flan should be.

Pio - Tres Leches

Tres Leches – $4.99

This was my dessert.  When our server showed us pictures of the dessert I was sold as soon as she said cake and three types of milk.  This was a very normal soft cake but the best part was definitely the trio of milk mixture.  It was just the right amount of sweetness and it tasted so good eating it with the cake.  My toddler loved this as well, but which kid doesn’t like sweets? Especially since his mommy has such a sweet tooth 😀

The three of us really enjoyed our meal here today at Pio and received excellent service.  Upon chatting with our server we learned that Pio is a family run restarant, and it was her mother’s dream to open this restaurant after many years of doing catering.  I’m happy that she was able to finally fulfill her dream and make all these tasty food! I love supporting local mom and pop shops – you often receive very personal and touching gestures that you would definitely not find at the bigger restaurants.  I would definitely come back and try their other offerings – plus the sausage and fries! 🙂

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