What have I been cooking?

I was sick for an entire week after I vowed to not eat out.  My doctor scared me by nearly diagnosing me with appendicitis, but good thing ultrasound showed otherwise.  Still, my appetite and digestion was completely affected.  Ugh.  Anyways, before I got sick I made an attempt at some of my favorite dishes and just want to post my proud accomplishments on here!

Hong Kong Cafe Style Baked Pork Chop Rice

This was easy to make, but it took a lot of preparation! The only thing it lacked was that I didn’t make it with fried rice.  I used an entire pack of shredded cheese on here! Lol.


I was happy that I nailed the tomato sauce right on.  My brother was responsible for tenderizing the pork chop and to deep fry it.  It turned out quite well and everyone enjoyed it.

Lao Rou Fan (Taiwanese Minced Pork Sauce over Rice)

No flash

This was not a successful attempt.  I was unable to get my meat the texture of soft and minced… my friend thought maybe because my pork was too lean? I used Spragg’s Farm free range ground pork and Sakura Farm’s pork belly.  Next time I’m throwing everything into a pressure cooker! Besides the meat not being soft enough, hubby said it tasted good and ate two big bowls of rice with it!

Peaches’ standard bi-weekly Saturday morning breakfast

Yes, I only cook this once every two weeks.  Why? I don’t know.  What’s different this time is the sausage – maple angus beef breakfast sausage.  I thought they were only ok, but hubby really liked them.  I like pork or turkey as my breakfast sausage more to be honest.  I guess I never had beef sausage before and was not used to the different taste.  I’ve been really enjoying making sunnyside up eggs lately and I thought this turned out well! Hash brown patties are still the Cavendish ones from Costco.  I like the fact that you can bake them as opposed to pan fry them and they turn out better than the McCain ones.


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