The Italian Experience – Part Two at Vero Bistro

My friend K has been following Vero Bistro’s facebook page and came upon their Sunday menu and asked if I wanted to go try it out.  I’m always up for food exploration so why not! Besides, we’ve been there before and had a fabulous meal so we knew we wouldn’t be disappointed.  So since Nov 4, Chef Jenny Chan has been introducing this Italian Experience on Sundays which is a 4 course meal for a set price (tonight was $39).  We missed part one so we participated in part two, and I believe I read that part three is coming up.

Here’s what we indulged tonight:

VB - Antipasto


Consists of mussels, clams, mortadella, spicy salami, bruschetta and something of a bean dip.  My favorite was the mussels and bruschetta – the bruschetta here is out of this world and flavored very well.  I also love the balsamic glaze that was drizzled around the plate.  I wonder if Chef Jenny would share which one she uses?

VB - Fagioli Soup

Fagioli Soup – Pasta & Beans

To our surprise, this had a bit of a spiciness to it.  There was an assortment of vegetables and pasta shells – the soup had very strong flavours of beans.  Not a bad meatless choice if you’re vegetarian.

VB - Arugula & Raddichio Salad

Arugula & Radicchio Salad – Carrots, Cherry Tomatoes, White Balsamic Vinaigrette (shared)

This was my favorite of the night.  The vinaigrette was light and sweet that I would eat this every single day.  I think I prefer white balsamic vinegar more b/c it’s not as sweet and sugary as dark balsamic would be.  It was a very refreshing salad.  Makes me want to run out and buy a bottle of white balsamic vinegar and try to make the vinaigrette!

VB - Slow Braised Spring Creek Short Ribs

Slow Braised Spring Creek Short Ribs – Parmesan Polenta, 10 year aged Balsamic Reduction (shared)

I like creamed polenta, and while the one here is good, I feel that it can be more creamed.  There’s something about polenta in general that makes it… tasteless, but the balsamic reduction used on here provided great flavors for it.  The short ribs were quite good and tender, but K and I were both expecting it to be fall off the bone tender – so tender that you wouldn’t need to cut it with a knife.  This was not the case here.

VB - Agnolotti

Agnolotti – Stuffed with Winter White Truffle & Ricotta, Bolognese (shared)

So we finally get to taste what white truffle is like.  I have to say I don’t know the difference between black and white truffles except that it’s a different fungus, but to me it’s not as pungent as black truffle.  The pasta itself is good, though I don’t know if I prefer my pasta softer but I feel these could be cooked a tad longer.  The bolognese was definitely one of the better ones I’ve had – it was rich, tomato-y and meaty.

VB - Vanilla Gelato with Aged Balsamic Reduction

Vanilla Gelato with aged Balsamic Reduction

Topped with the lightest, most airy and crispy meringue cookie I’ve ever had.  I really liked the vanilla gelato but I’m not sure about the balsamic reduction on it.  At first glance it looked like chocolate sauce until I had to think back what it was that I read on the menu.  Although it is creative, I don’t think this is for me.

I would say we had a great meal tonight even with the few little kinks that can be easily adjusted, but that’s just my opinion based on my own preferences.  I know Vero Bistro serves good food and I would never hesitate to come back here.  I still need to try the brunch!!

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6 thoughts on “The Italian Experience – Part Two at Vero Bistro

    • Lol well in honestly, $128 for two people isn’t bad if that’s all you’re spending, but you might also get appetizers, drinks, desserts… it adds up rather fast. After all that it can end up being a $200 meal.

      I would definitely get the bruschetta if it’s on the menu. I would also get the steak, and that radicchio salad with the white vinaigrette dressing.

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