Brunch at Galaxie Diner

It was another one of those weekends where we were trying to decide where to go for brunch.  I don’t know if you agree, but I need to be in the mood for certain foods.  Perhaps that’s just the more sophisticated way to say that I’m picky but nonetheless, my family and I decided that it would be time to visit Galaxie Diner.  We got there this past Monday at about 10:55am and waited quite a while for a table even though there were only three small groups in front of us (more on why later) but by the time we were seated an even longer line formed.  Coffee is offered to you while you’re waiting in line.

I hardly ever add a restaurant onto my favorite list b/c to me, they just have to be perfect in every way.  I’ve mentioned in my previous post that I really support mom and pop shops, as well as small local businesses.  So why is Galaxie Diner on my favorites list? Besides the food being really good, the service we received this day was warm, friendly and personal.  I regret not catching our servers name but he was doing a bit of cooking and prepping and running around.  From small gestures to making everyone feel very welcome, making sure we got everything we need, to providing free milk for my toddler (unlike THIS place who outrageously charged $20 for a kid’s entree and have the nerve to charge another $1.75 for a drink)… everything was appreciated.  I believe the owner came in and he looked at us and smiled warmly! But heh heh I know where they buy their croissants from now :p

Here’s what we ordered today:

GD - Choice Omelet

Choice Omelet (Small) – with all the toppings you’d like – any amount – $11.50

That’s a pretty big omelet for a small, and we liked the fact that you can add all the toppings you want for the same price b/c everywhere else seems to charge extra per item.  This was my mom’s order and she liked it.  A lot.  My mom is not a breakfast/brunch person and we felt that this might’ve been too much for her, but if she really likes something, she will eat all of it! That’s how you can tell she really enjoys something.  This also comes with unlimited toast and hash browns but those were not needed.  You can also get a side of salsa and sour cream with it.

GD - Breakfast Burritos (Two)

Breakfast Burrito (Two) – $14.25

My brother’s order.  Packed with scrambled eggs with cheese, sauteed mushrooms, onions, banana peppers, bacon, and beef sausage rolled inside flour tortillas, and served with hash browns, salsa and sour cream.  He said he was pretty much full after the first burrito but ate the second one anyway.  He also really enjoyed this!

GD - Montreal Smoked Meat Omelet

GD - Montreal Smoked Meat Omelet 2

Montreal Smoked Meat Omelet – $14.50

This was my order and I shared with my toddler – thank God I did or I wouldn’t know how I would finish it.  Packed with a ton of Montreal smoked meat, sauteed onions, cheese and garlic mushrooms – this was just absolutely divine.   I enjoyed every single bite of it and I know I must go back for it again.  I hardly ever order omelets but I’m glad I did today! One interesting thing about the omelet here is that the egg acts as a crepe as opposed to your traditional omelet where everything is folded in.  Seriously I have no preference to that because you’re going to break the egg apart anyway! Also served with unlimited toast and hash browns.  The toast were buttered but an assortment of jam, peanut butter and cheese whiz is also available in a table tray.  The hashbrowns were good and seasoned well.

GD - Montreal Smoked Meat Omelet 3

Look at all that goodness! I wonder where they buy their Montreal smoked meat from?

We really enjoyed our breakfast at Galaxie and had a wonderful dining experience overall.  I think next time we will try and get there earlier just so we can maybe avoid the line.  Do note this restaurant has approximately six booths and 5 bar stools.  That’s it!

A rant on dining etiquette.  I understand that Galaxie Diner is a very small eatery and lineups are bound to happen.  However, during our 50+ minute wait, there were two absolutely inconsiderate groups of people that hogged their table for at least that long.  They had their bill and all, but decided to just continually yak away while a line of 20+ people formed.  One of those tables, I swear, we saw them get their bill right when we got in.  They yakked for another 30+ minutes, finally decided to pay, then continue on to yak for another good 30+ minutes.  We were actually waiting for one of those tables b/c we needed a booth, but the table that we ended up getting? It was from the first couple that we were waiting in line with.  I kid you not! I don’t understand why some people can be this inconsiderate! During those 50+ minutes the restaurant could’ve easily served another few tables.  I’m not kidding – as soon as those two groups of people left, the line cleared b/c everyone else seem to get the idea that hey, we’re done eating, maybe we should go and let someone else have our seat.  It doesn’t hurt to be courteous!

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3 thoughts on “Brunch at Galaxie Diner

  1. I’ll have to check this place out. Great to hear you had such a positive experience. Have you tried their non breakfast food? I don’t normally like going out for breakfast/brunch type foods (eggs, hash browns, etc.).

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