Lunch at Cucina (grab & go)

Working in the downtown core, you have a lot of dining choices on just about every corner.  I’ve been eyeing Cucina for quite some time and finally decided to make a visit here.  Learning that they had the bistro part and a grab & go part, R and I decided grab & go would be the better option due to time restraints.  I do want to dine at the restaurant one of these days though!

Even though we were buying “take-out”, the attention to detail to packaging our food was great.  They actually remember to include a spoon for my tiramisu! Just look at this:

Some say you eat with your eyes first.  I didn’t even unwrap my sandwich yet and I already like it!

Here’s what we tried today:

Tuna Nicoise Sandwich $12.50

Tuna, chopped capers, peppernotta, pitted nicoise olives & a sliced hard boiled egg, house made baguette

This was more like a fancy version of a tuna salad sandwich.  All the components worked well together – I especially enjoyed the strong flavors of the capers and olives here and there (even if I don’t like olives!).  I do find this sandwich a bit too big (that was a lot of bread I ate!) – I think they can make it smaller and charge less :p

Tiramisu – $4.50

Definitely one of the better ones I’ve ever had, at a very low price.  The thick layer of mascarpone mixture is ultra creamy and rich.  Dusted with a generous amount of cocoa powder helps balance the sweetness of the entire dessert. I just gained a whole pound thinking about it (not including the whole pound I probably gained eating it).

Italian Salami Pretzel Sandwich $9.50

Proscuitto, genoa salami, soppresetta, and calagrese, butter lettuce, house made pretzel bun

R picked this as it was a smaller sandwich in size but also b/c she was very intrigued by the pretzel bun.  She said this was a very flavorful sandwich and loved every single bite of it – especially the pretzel bun.  I saw the layer of mini pickles and pickled onions and couldn’t resist trying some.  They were so good and I could seriously eat a jar of it, to which R asked me – am I preggers? Nope! Funny she said that… I never once had morning sickness during my pregnancy and did not crave for anything sour.  If anything all I craved for was sushi (surprise surprise)!

White Chocolate Eclair – $3.25

R’s eyes glistened as she saw this but thought $3.25 for an eclair is quite pricey.  Nonetheless she decided to try it out and I had a taste of the cream – that’s where the white chocolate comes into play.  I personally don’t have a thing for eclairs, profiteroles and the likes as I find the abundance of cream quite a turn off but she seemed to have enjoyed it.

We had a fabulous lunch at Cucina’s grab and go today and I can’t wait to try their other offerings (roast sirloin sandwich, do I hear you calling my name?), plus dine at the restaurant one of these days!

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