Dinner at Sushi Toki

I totally did not feel like cooking tonight, and I haven’t had an actual sushi meal at a restaurant for weeks.  I had actually wanted to eat at Helen’s Cafe because I wanted to try their specialty Northern cuisine.  Not realizing that they close during dinner on Mondays… hubby and I drove to a closed restaurant.  Grrrrr… so what should we eat? Hubby’s like, let’s go eat sushi.  Pick a place where you haven’t been so you can blog about it.  Awwwwwwwwwww isn’t he the best? Since we were already in the N.E. I decided to try Sushi Toki as it was on my wishlist.  I used to venture the Marlborough area a lot back then when hubby still lived in the area, and one of our favorite places was Sushi Chopsticks when it was first opened.  Then it got sold and the quality decreased substantially… never went back.  Now that it’s another new restaurant we were hoping for something good.

We arrived at about 6:00pm and the restaurant was sadly empty.  We were the only customers during our stay.  Service was overall good, and upon chatting with the server I learned that they have been opened for eight months now.  I hope this was just an off night – makes me sad… and worries me when a restaurant is this dead.

Here’s what we ordered tonight:

Toki - tempura

Assorted Tempura (4 shrimp, 4 vegetables) – $8.50

These were piping hot and had a great crunch to them, without being overly battered.  For the vegetables there was squash, eggplant, yam and cucumber.  I’m happy that they gave the better variety of vegetables as opposed to just broccoli and carrot.  The tempura sauce was seasoned enough to give everything a boost of flavor.

Toki - chirashi

Chirashi – $12.99

Here we have two salmon, two tuna, one octopus, one mackerel, one scallop, one red snapper, one cooked shrimp and a spoonful of wasabi tobiko.  All of the fish here was fresh except for the red snapper – it was strangely chewy.  I was pleasantly surprised by the wasabi tobiko as it gave a bit of a kick.  My favorite was the scallop as it was very sweet and plump.  My only comment is that all the fish here are sliced quite thin.

Toki - gari and wasabi

Gari and Wasabi

You know, I NEVER understand why restaurants charge you if you wanted extra ginger and wasabi.  The wasabi that restaurants serve is usually powder mixed with water, and the ginger comes in a jar.  Yet I’ve seen places that charge up to $2.00 if you want an extra small plate of it.  I know nothing is free in this world but that is just absurd.  On a side note – I love how this was arranged to look like a rose.  So dainty! And no, we didn’t get charged for this.

Toki - assorted


Lion Roll – $12.95; California Roll – $4.95; Avocado Roll – $3.50; Special Scallop Nigiri – $2.00/pc; Salmon Nigiri – $1.85/pc

I actually didn’t order the salmon nigiri and I think the server must’ve misread a mark on the order sheet or something, but seeing how there was no other customers, and that it was like 2 bucks… I just decided to eat it instead of send it back.  The California Roll and Avocado Roll was ordered for my toddler and he ate most of it.  I find the sushi rice underseasoned and this seems to be a common thing among a lot of sushi restaurants here.  Are chefs that afraid to use rice vinegar? At least it is sushi rice, but I feel that the rolls could use less rice.

Toki - lion roll

Lion Roll

Hubby ordered this because of the seared salmon that tops the roll.  It’s essentially a California Roll topped with cream cheese and seared salmon, drizzled with some dark sauce.  Also sprinkled with deep fried tempura bits and shredded carrots.  I liked this, but just found that the sauce was really salty.  I did tell the server this but all he said was oh, ok. *shrugs*

Toki - creamy scallop

Special Scallop Nigiri

I heard the sushi chef chopping away while preparing this – at least you know it’s freshly made to order! The scallop is fresh, sweet, and had just enough mayo mixed with red tobiko.  This was a good piece of special scallop nigiri.

I thought the food was alright tonight, but one phrase that comes to mind when describing this restaurant is… back to basics.  Everything here is good, tame, but nothing exciting or out of the ordinary.  I wouldn’t go out of the way to eat here, but if I was in the area and wanted decent sushi, I wouldn’t hesitate to come back here again.

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