Lunch at Koiji Restolounge

Disastrous.  That is the perfect word to describe my dining experience here today, but before I jump to why, I still want to review my meal in full length.  I was always curious as to why Koiji has such bad ratings, but being the sushi fanatic I am, and I am an avid group deal buyer (for food deals only), I jumped into the Groupon deal last month.  I decided to come here with my toddler today and I told myself to not dwell on the reviews on Urbanspoon but to eat with an open mind.  We arrived to a mostly empty restaurant for a Sunday lunch.  We got a smiley waitress who I at first thought gave pretty good service.  I totally take that back.  She messed up on two out of the four items I ordered by messing up twice on the same item, and forgot to enter an item (but of course didn’t admit it).  I mean, you’d think that I ordered two lunch combos I would get two miso soups and two salads at the same time, right? Nope, my toddler’s lunch arrived completely first, then the side things I ordered, and then I asked her, did she put in the order for my lunch? Yes, of course she did.  Riiiight.  Only then did the other set of soup and salad arrive.

Note that I did enjoy some of the food and I thought I was enjoying myself until I noticed the mistakes one after another.

Here’s what we ordered today:

Koiji - salad

Salad (part of lunch combo)

Standard iceberg lettuce salad with a gingery vinaigrette that was a bit tangy.  It was very refreshing and a great way to start up your appetite.

Koiji - miso soup

Miso Soup (part of lunch combo)

I found the miso soup had a natural sweetness to it that was very welcoming.  It reminded me of the one I had at Sukiyaki House. I wonder if it’s because it’s organic? There was a good amount of kelp and a cube of tofu in it as well.

Koiji - lunch set salmon sashimi

Salmon Sashimi – two slices (part of lunch combo)

Thick cut Atlantic salmon sashimi that was quite fresh.  Cut quite well with no weird grisly fibres.

Koiji - steak don

Steak Don – $14

I ordered this for my toddler and he ate some of it.  I tried some and actually thought it was quite tasty.  I liked the addition of the enoki mushrooms and the sauce that topped it was great.

Koiji - nigiri

Nigiri: Special Scallop – $3.00, Amaebi, – $2.80

I wanted the kanpanchi but they were sold out, so I got the special scallop instead.  These were ok – very standard and quite pricy for the size.

Koiji - salmon yukke

Salmon Yukke – $11.00

Let me start out by saying, this was not what I ordered.  I ordered salmon poke and the waitress first brought out salmon carpaccio.  I told her no, I wanted the poke.  She apologized and took it back, and then this was brought out.  I swear she said salmon poke (pronounced po-keh) when she brought it out but apparently she said yukke (we were debating this over the bill later), so I just ate it.  I didn’t like this at all – I was not expecting it to be spicy.  Also, the baguette was too chewy in contrast to the mixture so I didn’t feel they were a good combination.  I only ate one of the baguette and for the other two I only ate the mixture.  Also quite expensive for the small portions.

Koiji - sushi bar lunch set

Sushi Bar Lunch Set – $17.00

Another mistake.  I had ordered the Sushi Combo.  I thought it was funny when the waitress asked me what roll I wanted this with (the sushi combo comes with two pieces of California roll only), but I confirmed twice with her that I wanted the sushi combo and alas, look what she ordered for me.  This was near the end of the meal and I was afraid the kitchen would spit in my food if I send something back again, so I just bit my tongue and ate this.  Everything was pretty standard on this plate but it was decent sushi.  No complaints except the rice was kind of gummy.

Koiji - lunch set dynamite roll

Dynamite Roll

Koiji - lunch set nigiri

Nigiri: Salmon, Hamachi, Cajun Prawn

Koiji - lunch set sashimi

Sashimi: Tuna, Salmon

It was only when the bill was brought out that I noticed the waitress made the mistake with the salmon poke/yukke.  The fact that it was a $4.00 difference, I didn’t enjoy it one bit, it wasn’t even what I ordered and I was mildly annoyed that she kept messing up my order, I decided to point this out to her.  I heard her discussing this in the back and I’m sure they were b*tching about me but she finally came out and said for this one time only, she will ‘correct’ this (aka charge me for a poke instead of a yukke).  But oh next time if I’m unsure, I should ask.  I’m sorry, but it’s not the diner’s job to ensure their server orders the correct item, is it? She messed up half of my order –  I didn’t even get to eat what I want.  And then somehow it’s my fault because I ate the wrong item that was served to me? Gee, thanks for doing me a favor by correcting your mistake! But they don’t need to worry about any next times from me because I will not be returning.  I have lost all confidence with the staff’s ability to properly take my order and ensure I get what I actually want to eat.  I so wish I had NOT bought the Groupon.  Bad reviews are on Urbanspoon for a reason!!!!

Koiji Restolounge on Urbanspoon

8 thoughts on “Lunch at Koiji Restolounge

    • Having mediocre/ bad food is one thing, but how do you f*** up someone’s order three times? Was she just not listening or she doesn’t know their menu b/c I know my verbal comprehension skills are not lacking!

    • Proper procedure should be them removing the charge completely, not charge me the cheaper dish. I didn’t really finish the order since it was pretty gross. I can’t believe the server’s lack of ability to take down my four item order correctly. This is definitely one of the worst reviews I’ve written on my blog!

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