Lunch at Han’s

If you’re a long time patron of Han’s, you would know that they recently reopened after a two year (?) hiatus.  I read that it was because the owner had to go back home for surgery, sold his business, then bought it back and voila, here they are again.  My friend J gets pretty excited talking about their spicy wontons and when I told him that they finally reopened… a lunch date was set.  I’ve only been to Han’s once in the past and thought they were decent, but it was so long ago that it would be hard for me to say whether I liked them or not.  I was very excited to try more of their specialty dishes.

So me, J, R and their friend A met up last Friday for lunch here.  J was the first to arrive and effortlessly got a table for us, but by the time everyone arrived the restaurant was full.  You can see some renovations have been done, but the dining area is still the same size and only has about 7-8 tables.  Apparently J and A came here so often in the past that the owners actually recognized them!

Here’s what we ordered today:

Hans - garlic pork slices

Garlic Pork with Han’s homemade sauce – $12.50

R said she wasn’t hungry and planned to pack half of it for dinner, but one bite and she instantly fell in love.  The pork slices were thin – I’m thinking these were pork belly slices.  The garlic sauce was very tasty but also very overpowering (as garlic would be) so try not to eat this before a meeting! Anyhow, we all picked a bit at it and finished it in no time.  There were cooked bean sprouts underneath the pork and it was super tasty from absorbing all the sauces.

Hans - three cup chicken

Three Cup Chicken – $15.50

J recommended this dish so we decided split it.  I’ve actually never ordered three cup chicken in my life so I can’t say if this was authentic or how it should taste like.  Now you might ask, what does the “three cup” stand for? The way you make this is, for every chicken you cook, you add one cup of soy sauce, rice wine and sesame oil.  I know there are variances dependent on the region but that would be the basic recipe, plus whatever additional items the chef may wish to add.  I thought this was a good chicken dish but it was also a bit spicy.  Portion is quite small as well.

Hans - spicy wonton

Wonton with Spicy Sauce – $10.50

This is the famous dish that J could not stop gloating about.  Boiled wontons (that was shaped like a dumpling actually) topped with a similar sauce like from the garlic pork dish.  I tried a piece and liked it but because the sauce wasn’t able to penetrate into the wontons like it did with the pork, the wontons didn’t have much taste to it itself.  A had the right idea when he ate all of his wontons first and then dumped his rice into the plate of remaining sauce.

Hans - Taiwanese beef noodle soup

Taiwanese style Beef Noodle Soup – $8.95

I ordered this as my starch instead of rice.  I have to say I’m starting to see a trend here… that orange spicy oil… it’s on three of the four dishes that we’ve ordered.  While it is tasty I expect to see a bit more variance, or maybe it’s a Han’s style.  I’m not sure what the noodles were but they were a bit soft for my liking.  The beef (brisket?) was very soft and tender and soaked up all the flavor from the soup.  This bowl of noodle was good overall, a teeny bit spicy and I saw a lot of people ordered it!

At the end of our meal J asked me… did I like the food here? Would I return? Gosh I feel like such an important foodie when I get asked that haha! All jokes aside… yes, the food at Han’s was good, albeit pricey for the portions.  I can say I’ve had better elsewhere but Han’s is not bad by any means – perhaps just a different style than what I’m used to (the regional thing could be a huge factor).  I would most definitely return and try their other offerings! Service was efficient and good.  Do note they accept cash only.

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9 thoughts on “Lunch at Han’s

    • You might’ve been served pork loin when you had it, but mine was definitely much more fattier and resembled the pork belly slices that I buy from T&T. The layers of fat throughout each slice is very prominent in my picture. Also, the Chinese name for this dish commonly translates to “white pork with garlic sauce”, and white pork is “usually” pork belly.

      • Hmmm! I guess it could’ve been belly then. I’m surprised as it didn’t seem to have that softness I associate with pork belly. I like how they slice it on a deli sliver- on a sandwich it would be epic!

  1. Do you know if the noodles are made in house? I’d have to say those are pork belly slices in the garlic pork dish. It looks like there are layers of fat.

    • I’m not sure about the noodles – I highly doubt it but I can ask next time I’m there!

      I am confident those are pork belly slices and hmmmm were they good! Now I just need to steal their recipe for the garlic sauce :p

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