Lunch at ABC Restaurant

I have been a patron at the previous ABC for the longest time.  I liked them because food was fast, cheap and decently tasty, but ever since going on mat leave I haven’t been back to Chinatown/downtown much until I recently went back to work.  So fast forward to today, it has changed to a fish noodle soup place (but still have some Chinese dishes) but I was still hoping for some cafe style dishes.  L and I decided to give them a try for lunch last Thursday.

Here’s what we ordered today:

Chinese long donut – $2.00

Warm, crunchy long donuts that are usually eaten with congee, but I prefer to eat them on its own because I don’t like it all soft and chewy from soaking in the congee.  These were pretty standard and good.  Nothing will ever beat the freshly made ones I’ve had in Hong Kong! Literally deep fried in front of you and then served straight to you.  Hmmmmmmm!

Fish Filet Congee – $6.25

This was a huge bowl of congee.  L wanted something hot and liquid-y so congee seems like a good choice.  She decided on the fish filet congee and it was really good.  I sample a bit and I’m pretty sure they made this with their fish soup that they use for the noodles as well.  It was very flavorful and not fishy.  There were also a ton of fish filets which L had trouble finishing.

Chicken, Corn and Pumpkin in Cream Sauce with Rice – $9.95

I saw the ad for this dish on their window and was very intrigued by it.  Really – all of these ingredients go together? Sure why not.  As you can see this was also a very large portion and I left half of the rice untouched.  The chicken were dark meat – nicely pan fried and flavored well.  I feel that they could’ve pan fried the pumpkin as well but everything seemed to go well together.  And there’s something about cream sauce in Asian restaurants – it’s not as milky and not as rich, but still taste really good.  This was a solid dish and I liked it a lot.

I do want to comment on the service: there was only one server during the first half of the lunch hour and it was really slow.  L and I was seated to a table for four and the server immediately said please only occupy half of the table when more people come in.  The restaurant was only half full during our stay.  We would’ve gladly shuffled our stuff if table space was needed but couldn’t we have sat comfortably until that happened?  Then near the end of our meal another server appeared.  Tea was never filled – I couldn’t catch anyone’s attention.  I understand that it’s hard to expect good service at a Chinese restaurant especially during lunch but it was pretty bad.

Prices are overall fairly cheap.  I think I will try their fish noodles next time! Here’s the order sheet:

The choices seem interesting but I have to say just the two topping options for the noodle doesn’t seem enough.   Good price though!

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5 thoughts on “Lunch at ABC Restaurant

    • Hahaha well being the carnivore I am and of course meat costs more than vegetables, I would never waste my two toppings on veggies! :p

      I agree about the bakery/cafe style food being gone… I quite enjoyed them!

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