Lunch at Catch Oyster Bar

My coworker U and I both love to eat. We’re always discussing restaurants and what’s good and not, and decided we should go to a nice sit down restaurant for lunch one day. Although the choices are endless in downtown, I really wasn’t sure where to go because I change my mind like a girl changes clothes! Just yesterday morning I had one outfit on, and then decided to change into something entirely different right before I left for work. Why? Because I wasn’t feeling it. Lower your raised eyebrow… the ladies understand!! 🙂 So I spent quite some time browsing menus and decided on Catch because of the Wednesday oyster special – 1/2 dozen for $13. I love raw oysters and can easily eat a couple dozen in a sitting myself! I’ve been to the Catch numerous times and liked their food, plus I like the open concept of the kitchen and the oyster bar has a lively atmosphere (I’ve also dined in the upper dining room – nice and quiet – perfect for romantic evenings!).

Here’s what we ordered today:

Catch - bread

Complimentary Bread Basket

Warm, crusty bread with a soft center served with warm butter for spreading. I’m sure this was baked in house.

Catch - oysters

Chef’s Choice Oysters – $13 (Wednesday Special)

Served with White Balsamic Mignonette, House Made Hot Sauce, Fresh Horseradish & Lemon Wedges

I can never remember what the varieties of the oysters are. All I can ever tell you is what characteristics they have. Both of these were plump and juicy, but I prefer the ones on the left as I thought it was a bit sweeter. The white balsamic mignonette was a perfect accompaniment! I tried the house made hot sauce which had good heat, but I personally prefer tabasco more.

Catch - fish n chips

Fish & Chips – $22 (Full Order)

This was U’s order.  He was a bit disappointed in this because he was expecting a thick battered cod.  He also found the fish a bit underseasoned and had to rely on the tartar sauce to give it some flavor.

Catch - steak frites

Catch - steak

Steak & Frites – $27

AAA Striploin and housemade fries.  I believe the steak was about 6 oz? I actually really enjoyed this and found the steak was seasoned perfectly.  I’m also happy because…

Catch - steak rare

…they cooked it perfectly to rare! I love it when a restaurant knows how to cook a steak.  The steak was tender and it was a good cut.  The housemade fries were also excellent and I kept eating it with U’s tartar sauce.

Despite his disappointment with the fish and chips, U said he would definitely return.  We saw a few tables order the wonton crusted tempura prawn and we really want to try it – especially on Tuesdays when they are $2 each.  The steamed moules also looked very delicious as well as the fried oysters, calamari… ok, there are quite a few things we still want to try.  I’m sure we will be back in no time.  Service was overall good but it’s expected for a restaurant with this caliber.  Pricing is higher than average with smallish portions but at Catch, it’s about quality over quantity, and they do cook good food!

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