Dinner at Pig & Duke Pub

I bought the LivingSocial voucher for this pub a while back.  It was for $35 and included two Wild Rose drafts, two appetizers and two mains (excluding “shares” and “The Pig”).  Even though I normally don’t venture pubs I thought it was too good of a deal to pass for food! I did check the reviews beforehand and it seems to be mostly positive, and most of the complain stem around service issues.  So when hubby and I finally had an evening free without any plans, we decided to come here last Friday after he picked me up from work.

When we first entered we were a bit worried… because the place was empty except for one table.  I mean, aren’t pubs/bars usually packed full right after work – especially on a Friday night? Though ok, not everyone gets to leave work early.  We were told to sit anywhere and grabbed a booth but waited for about 8 minutes and kept searching for a server.  We were getting anxious and impatient.  What is going on? Then suddenly… we caught a glimpse of a server.  She saw us as well, and quickly grabbed us menus and drinks.  From that point on service was actually really great!

Here’s what we ordered tonight:

Pig & Duke - velvet fog

Wild Rose Velvet Fog – $5.75

As I don’t drink beer, both of them were for hubby.  He enjoyed them.

Pig & Duke - steak bites

Steak Bites – $14.00

Aromatic, tender, bite-size pieces of steak sizzling in a hot cast iron skillet served with blue cheese dip and a wedge of garlic bread.  The steak bites were seasoned very well and was very fragrant from the garlic but personally I prefer my steak to be served as a whole piece.  Still, the meat was not overcooked at all here.

Pig & Duke - pig knuckles

Pig Knuckles – $14.00

For some reason I was expecting a pork hock, but these were some meaty ribs coated with a delicious barbeque sauce.  I especially enjoyed smearing the meat in the mustard on the side.  The meat was very tender and I could’ve used another plate!

Pig & Duke - ribs

Ribs – $19.00

At this point hubby said to me, do you realize that we essentially ordered the same things for our appetizers and mains? Yeah, sorta… but I didn’t care.  I wasn’t interested in sandwiches or pies or burgers…! Anyways, this was hubby’s order.  The ribs had a very strong smoky flavor to it and coated with more barbeque sauce.  The meat was fall of the bone tender and hubby thought this was a well done dish.  The white bean ragout had chunks of sausages in it as well which was a surprise for hubby.

Pig & Duke - steak sandwich

Steak Sandwich – $16.00

I was deciding between this and the fish and chips, but decided maybe I shouldn’t eat so much deep fried stuff… I’m starting to feel a little “yeet hay”.  What does that mean? Literally it means I have a lot of hot air inside me, and symptoms are like sore throat, dry mouth and the likes.  Honestly I feel way better the next day if I drink some herbal stuff the night before I go to bed.  No one has found an English term for this phenomenon and sometimes we Chinese thinks it only a Chinese thing.  Regardless, I figured more protein would be better than deep fried fish… even though I had the basket of yam chips right there.  I was deciding on getting the house salad until our server said, oh we also have yam fries! Sold.  Anyways, the steak was cooked perfectly to medium rare and I’m guessing a 10 oz striploin? Great flavors, meat was very tender and almost melt in your mouth, love the mushrooms and the toast was super soft so I didn’t have to worry about having a hard time cutting through it.  I was disappointed with the yam “fries” though – I wanted “frites”, not basketweave chips! Though I’m very happy that there was no extra charge for them, unlike every single other place…

Pig & Duke - irish car bomb

Irish Car Bomb – $9.00

We were pretty stuffed after all that food but hubby said he wanted to try the dessert, so we shared this.  This is the only dessert available anyway.  The chocolate cake was supposed to be molten cake but nothing really oozed out… our server said the ice cream generally cools it down.  Hmmmm perhaps the cake needs to be cooked a bit less? The Guinness ice cream was interesting – had a slight hint of beer to it but otherwise was quite sweet.  Might’ve been all of the strawberry syrup and caramel sauce too :p We didn’t have any trouble finishing it!

I have to say the LivingSocial voucher was a great deal! All this food & drinks for $35 + $9 (dessert was extra) + tax and everything was actually really good, especially for pub standards! Even without the voucher the food prices are pretty decent.  By the time we left an hour later the place was packed.  Besides the small hiccup when we first arrived, I would say we had a great experience.  Our server was very friendly, perky and gave great service.  I would definitely come back again!

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