Peaches’ food trail is taking a break!

Yup – another one of these posts, except I’m very determined this time around.  I’m going to Hawaii in less than a month so I need to save $, clear up my freezer and once again, try to eat a teeny bit healthier.  I have no hopes of looking hot in my bikini this time around *sniff* but it’s my fault for not working as hard as I should be to stay in shape.

Therefore my blog will be taking a short break as well.  I have my company’s Christmas party to go to this Friday (as my only planned “out” meal) and I’ve deliberately not schedule any food “meetings” with anyone else for at least the next seven days – longer if I can do it! Looking at my Dineline on Urbanspoon makes me depressed… I’ve been using it to track every single time I eat out and it’s quite a long list.

But for now, here’s a few more pictures of what I’ve been making. I may just keep my blog active by doing that.  Except I eat the weirdest things from time to time just so I have something in my stomach as opposed to really caring what I really put in my mouth – I only cook full meals when hubs is around.

Bulgogi Beef Udon

RV Cupcakes 1

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Miso Glazed Chicken Drumsticks

Indonesian Chicken Curry (didn’t turn out that well 😦 boo)

I’ve also decided to fit 2-3 30 min cardio sessions (on top of my nightly workouts) into my lunch breaks as opposed to eating out and spending money.  It’s like what my friend S says… “oh, you’re trying to eat healthier now so you can go pig out later“… she knows me 🙂 I am staying in Hawaii for two weeks and am determined to eat! Eat! Eat!


4 thoughts on “Peaches’ food trail is taking a break!

  1. Can I get the recipe for your miso chicken?

    Also – good luck on your health kick. Lol. I bet I’ll get a text from you craving some sushi.

    • Delmonico’s sweet miso sauce 🙂

      I will be craving for sushi but I’m challenging myself for at least one week. I’ll be eating a lot of sushi (ahi tuna) in Hawaii anyway :p

  2. Hi Peaches, I hope you have a good break and enjoy Hawaii. I really like your blog and I think you are a great writer. Your pictures are also very well done and you really capture the dishes well. I myself love sushi and I found it nice to see a variety of different places to try…and not to as well. I have read your whole blog and can’t wait for more in the new year.

    • Hi Heather, thanks so much for your comment! I’m happy that you enjoy reading my blog and that I’m able to give you some new dining choices! I won’t be gone for long lol… just need to give my wallet a break! 😀

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