I miss working on my blog, so here’s a post!

Ok, I admit it.  I’m attached to this blog.  I feel that I’m letting it down by not updating it with food adventures.  However, I must say I’m very proud of myself for sticking to my not eating out plan – with one exception… my mom insisted on taking me out for lunch on Saturday.  I resisted but she was adamant… so the four of us (brother and toddler as well) went to Snow Palace and only ordered just enough food so no one overate.

SP - shrimp egg hor fun  SP - rice roll SP - ying yang fried rice [missing – pic of siu mai]

* I’ve reviewed Snow Palace before and have ordered these dishes… so no food review on them.

Then yesterday I went to do some Christmas shopping and deliberately ate lunch before I left (even though I wasn’t hungry) so I wouldn’t have to be hungry later and eat at the food court.  It definitely worked! Among my purchases I picked this and this up at Sephora to use my $15 off $50 purchase coupon, gifts for my two brothers as well as some tops for my toddler.

My other planned meal out was my work’s Christmas Party last Friday.  It was at Gasoline Alley in Heritage Park.  Since hubby wasn’t in town I brought my friend K with me.  I don’t know about you but I don’t like going to parties by myself – especially when there are 400+ people at this event.  My coworkers don’t bite, but being relatively new I have to say I probably only know 10% of this group, and our group is less than 10% of the company! Oh well! It was a decent three-course sit down dinner and it was a good test on my portion control.  I know I’m a glutton anyway, but K said she was not full so if she isn’t… then there wasn’t enough food.

Here’s what we were served:

Butter Leaf Lettuce Wedge

Is it a new thing to serve your lettuce salad in a wedge? I noticed this for a while now… the question is… why? Is it more enjoyable to cut your own lettuce…? Anyways, the rose thing you’re looking at was the bacon, and while it looks really pretty that way it was a bit painful to crumble.  Not sure why.  It was a decent salad though.

Roasted Prime Rib of Alberta Beef

No choice of how your beef is to be done (understandably) and it was pretty much medium well, but the meat was still tender, yet quite fatty.  There was also the tiniest wedge of potato gratin underneath it and the driest Yorkshire pudding accompanying it.  Not enough vegetables either.

Ginger Bread Cake

It looked like cheesecake, but it wasn’t.  It was literally whipped cream on cake… great gingery flavors but since we were still so hungry we were looking for more.

It was a great evening though – catching up with coworkers, ran into a friend whom I haven’t seen in ages, and met new people as well since it was random seating! Too bad I didn’t win anything in the raffle draw :p

Then the next morning I braced myself into the cold to deliver this to a charity bake sale:

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies with duo Chocolate Chips

Yes I arranged it like that… pretty right? They were so good fresh out of the oven! However they were a little hard by Saturday morning (I baked them Thursday evening since I had my Christmas party on Friday) so to get them moist and chewy again, it would’ve been best to pop them into the microwave for ~15 seconds.   Not sure if anyone did that – I know some people like their cookies hard! I don’t… funny when my mom and brother was over at my house yesterday I told them to microwave them, to which my mom asked: you’re supposed to nuke cookies?

The bake sale was organized by Vincci and apparently it’s the third year that she has done this.  It was great putting a face to another fellow food blogger! I haven’t found out what the final stats are but have emailed Vincci.  I’m sure everything went well and I saw a lot of treats from all the bloggers! I also had so much fun browsing the goodies at Casel Marche!! I picked this up…

Not sure what to do with it yet.  All I know is I want to drizzle it on top of everything! I also picked up a canister of organic oats – perfect for my morning breakfasts in the office! There were so many unique things at Market 17 and I wish I had all the money in the world… but nope.  As delicious as the organic orange juice was that I sampled, $10 for a 1L… yeah… no.  Maybe next time.  There was a fancy bottle of white balsamic vinegar that I really wanted to buy but $25?? I suppose if I wasn’t going to Hawaii in three weeks I would’ve definitely splurged.

So… no planned meals out except for Wednesday – lunch with R.  However, nothing is stopping me from bringing my lunch! I cooked some turkey breakfast sausages and organic beef meatballs to bring to work so I have protein for breakfast and lunch for at least the next 2-3 days! I’m definitely doing a very good job of clearing up my freezer – let’s see if I can take this challenge to the end of this week! I’m thinking of using a food voucher (I only have Koto and Blue House Cafe left… oh, also the Izumi one!) with hubby on Friday and then K and I are going to Ruth Chris for their Sunday Tradition Menu.

Toodles for now… will post again real soon I’m sure! 🙂


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